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Category: Telemedicine

How can patient experience be improved by telemedicine?

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | April 24, 2024How does telemedicine improve efficiency? In today’s technology-driven world, everything has become more efficient thanks to technology and the healthcare industry is no exception.  Telemedicine is one such example of a technological aid being used regularly by today’s healthcare systems. Simply put, telemedicine is the provision of […]

What are California Telehealth Laws and Regulations That Businesses Need to Consider?

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | November 11, 2021How to do telehealth in California? Telehealth is a way to facilitate healthcare services via communication and information technologies to consult, analyse, treat, or educate the patients while they are at their home or anywhere at a distant site from their healthcare providers.  The application of telehealth […]

A perspective: Can nurse practitioners have their own business?

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | November 12, 2021What is Telehealth Nursing or Remote Telemedicine Nursing? COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of Telehealth or telemedicine nursing, with more and more people willing to try virtual care. In essence, Telehealth nursing is the use of telemedicine and technology to support clinical healthcare, health education, and healthcare administration in […]

How can Medical Software Used in Hospitals reduce costs?

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | November 15, 2021The medical is evolving fast, and technology is playing a colossal role in transforming the healthcare industry. Ranging from doctors looking for better strategies for treatment to embracing technology, telemedicine and telehealth are two technologies at the forefront of the dynamic shift in the medical industry. It’s […]

Covid-19 and Telehealth: How Healthcare Compliance Evolved During Covid?

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | November 15, 2021The onslaught of Covid-19 has transformed life as we know it. The global pandemic adversely impacts every aspect of human life. The Healthcare sector is undoubtedly one of the worst-hit areas, which continues to remain overwhelmed with an unprecedented number of patients. The palpable stress on the […]

HIPAA Compliance Guide for Different Apps

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | September 30, 2021Video conferencing platforms have emerged as revolutionized technology tools during the Covid-19 pandemic; altering the ways we interact in our personal and professional lives. Out of the various uses of video conferencing software, healthcare services are definitely one aspect that hasn’t just supplemented the traditional healthcare industry […]

Introduction to Signal Twilio 2020

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | September 30, 2021Signal Twilio 2020 Annual Customer & Developer Conference is fundamentally directed towards building better customer communications and experiences. The event is significant as it provides a platform along with the resources, connections, along with the technology that is necessary for leveling up the game as far as […]