Developed two cutting-edge android apps for easy management of the mpower of 1000 – robotic arm.

About Myomo

Myomo is a US based medical device company that manufactures neuro-robotic technology which restores independence to individuals suffering from debilitating muscle weakness resulting from brain injury.
Using technology originally developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in collaboration with Harvard Medical School; Myomo developed a revolutionary product called the mPower 1000. This award winning neuro-robotic portable arm brace enables individuals to self-initiate and control movement of partially paralyzed limbs using their own biological signals.

The Problem that Got Them Thinking

Myomo wanted to provide an affordable, easy to use and widely available platform with the mPower 1000. A platform that would allow therapists to test and monitor the patient’s use of the mPower unit. As the traditional method of interfacing with robotic hardware (via a wired connection with a PC) is cumbersome and restrictive, Myomo wanted to leverage the Bluetooth feature of Android smartphones to wirelessly control and configure the mPower 1000; in order to provide the patient and therapist with a much simpler, more flexible and portable system.

The Value Delivered By Folio3 Digital Health

Given the complex nature of the task, Myomo wanted to partner with a highly experienced and reputable vendor to help it develop this platform. Myomo chose to partner with Folio3 for this project, due to Folio3’s experience in developing mobile apps, expertise in enterprise systems and its reputation for delivering high quality solutions.
Based on Myomo’s requirements and specifications, Folio3 developed two unique Android apps for the mPower 1000.

This brings Us To Our Solution — Taking The Challenges Head-On

The first app was “Remote Control”, a native Android app which allows therapists to wirelessly connect with and configure the parameters of the mPower unit (such as Range of Motion, Assistance Levels, Mode and Biceps and Triceps Movement Configuration) in real-time.

The second was an app called “MyProgress”, a native Android app which allows therapists to track and measure the patient’s progress while using the mPower 1000 in real-time, via metrics such as Range of Motion, Speed and Extension of Flex, Travel and Movement.

The Impact

As per the initial response from the end users they found the application very user friendly and easy to use, the employees are adopting to it fairly easily and as the data is now properly captured it is resulting in better clarity and reporting and enabling the management to make better informed decisions on the areas they need to address.

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