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Drive interoperability and maximize patient engagement at the same time with Salesforce Health Cloud integration with your EHR/EMR systems.
How can
A Salesforce Health Cloud EMR Integration Help You?
Your Salesforce Health Cloud solution is as essential to managing your patients and delivering exemplary patient care as your Electronic Health Record system. A good Salesforce EMR integration ensures both these systems work seamlessly together blurring boundaries set by the individual systems. Our Salesforce EMR plugin works with one secure API that connects both your solutions to bring you seamless connectivity. However, it’s important to consider and understand the reasons behind the integration. A Salesforce EHR integration can only be perfect for you if you know what problems you need to solve and how you want the integration to help you. To be able to leverage the integration and gain the most from it, you also need to find the answers to some questions to add clarity to your requirements:

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How Does

Salesforce Health Cloud EHR Integration Benefit You?

The EMR Salesforce app integration we provide can benefit your healthcare organization in several ways:

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Features & Customizations

Salesforce Health Cloud

As trusted and experienced Salesforce and EMR vendors, we offer turn-key integrations and mappings for you to customize and set up your Salesforce integration in next to no time with very little effort. We have custom Salesforce Health Cloud EMR integration solutions for every use case, and every business size, ranging from a basic offering to offering bi-directional support for more than 20 data models.

Appointment Scheduling
Ensure your patients check their own schedules and have no transportation issues by letting them know exactly when their appointments are scheduled. This ensures that patients and doctors both don’t miss their appointments and come on time.
Referral Coordination
Enable your referral management staff resources to oversee both patient-driven as well as provider-driven processes and track referral fulfillment to ensure effective management and while making sure your patients are getting the care and services they need.
Provider Records & Provider Network
Leverage automated provider-record updates to keep your credentials up-to-date. Create and define your network by building and then maintaining clinic and provider profiles to be able to manage your patients and referrals in a more efficient manner and improve patient navigation.
Patient Demographics
Sync your EHR with patient demographics and addresses to make sure that your communications don’t get lost and get exactly where they are intended to go. Empower your staff with the flexibility to update basic demographic information for your patients.
Custom Workflows
Customize your entire workflow according to your EHR data and improve your pre-registration workflows by giving patients the chance to fill in and complete registration forms before arriving for their appointments.
Post-Discharge Care
Customize your entire workflow according to your EHR data and improve your pre-registration workflows by giving patients the chance to fill in and complete registration forms before arriving for their appointments.

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Salesforce Health Cloud Integration With The Electronic Health Records Software
Here are some of the Electronic Health Records systems we offer integration with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Technically speaking, you can’t really go about creating an EMR in Salesforce. In other words, there is no Salesforce based EMR. Salesforce is a cloud-based software solutions company that builds and provides Customer Relationship Management solutions. These CRM solutions enable a more enhanced patient experience because of more engagement and better communication with patients. A Salesforce EHR integration helps by pulling all the data into one place which brings a more consolidated view of the patient for the care providers and makes for an easier, more connected healthcare journey.
Even though they’re technically not EMR systems, Salesforce Health Cloud takes the best of its CRM solution and combines it with healthcare’s best practices into one unified platform so that healthcare organizations and hospitals can have a more organized and centralized system for better operations management. Then, when integrated with EMR’s, it is truly possible to gain from a unified and comprehensive view of patient journeys and hence help enhance the patient experience.
Health Level Seven (HL7) is a set of standards used for the safe and secure exchange of Protected Health Information especially in the case of Electronic Health Records. A Salesforce Health Cloud integration enables you to parse your EHR data, which is transmitted via HL7 messages, and then store it in your Salesforce Health Cloud system.