Vahana Shines To Create An Unprecedented For Fitness Seekers

Bringing the experience of trekking and hiking at home and making it desirable with an integrated fitness tracker app.

Our Partners In Innovation

The packed calendars, lack of motivation, and the gradual decline of physical activities such as trekking and hiking had made people obese and less concerned about their overall well-being. Thus, Vahana introduced an exercise machine that took the form of a stair stepper and a 360-degree stationary bike to bring the exact experience to their homes.

Later, they partnered with Tandemtide, the digital marketing strategists, to help build a user base for the workout tracking app until their exercise machines launch.

Challenge That Inspired Them To Solve A Greater Problem

The problem persisted as there was no means of creating an ecosystem and making people adopt such habits as part of their lifestyle with a touch of convenience.

“They lacked effective tools to track and schedule fitness workouts to build a future user base for Vahana exercise machines.”

Value Delivered

Folio3 Digital Health, in partnership with Vahana, delivered a comprehensive workout tracking and scheduling app that can integrate with Vahana’s exercise equipment, namely Vahana360 and Vahana Strike.
“Tech Stack: React.Js and Node.Js”

This brings Us To Our Solution — Taking The Challenges Head-On

Enabling fitness seekers to track and schedule workout activities conveniently.

Personalized recommendations based on user goals, preferences, and available time slots.

Clear visualization of fitness goals, progress, and upcoming workouts.

Integration with a future Vahana's fitness machine for an enhanced workout.

Motivational features to ensure consistency and routine training.

Use predictive analytics to monitor fatigue, injuries, and illnesses and suggest which body parts to train for better performance.

Expected Outcome

Users now have a convenient platform to track and schedule workouts effortlessly. The app offered clear visualization of fitness goals, progress, and upcoming routines, giving users a tangible sense of accomplishment. But it doesn’t stop here. Motivational features are woven to encourage consistency, ensuring that fitness routines are not just started, but sustained.

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