Custom Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

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  • Making personalized care plans
  • Seamlessly integrating with your EHRs
  • Identifying health patterns & predicting risks
  • Implementing targeted interventions
  • Collaborating among providers, insurers, and care teams

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We Cover Diversified
Remote Patient Monitoring Use Cases

  • Monitor and manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease remotely
  • Track vital signs, symptoms, and medication adherence to prevent complications and improve outcomes
  • Post-personalize care plans, consult remotely, and educate patients with chronic diseases

  • Monitor patients after surgeries to track recovery progress and detect early signs of complications
  • Provide timely interventions and instruct virtually to support patient’s recovery
  • Minimize hospital readmissions and optimize post-operative care

  • Enable seniors to age in the comfort of their homes while you ensure their health and safety
  • Remotely monitor vital signs, activity levels, and fall detection for proactive care
  • Emergency response systems and medication reminders for the elderly

  • Monitor pregnant women and their unborn babies remotely to ensure optimal maternal and fetal health
  • Track vital signs, uterine activity, fetal movements, and maternal well-being
  • Early detection of potential complications and timely interventions to promote a healthy pregnancy

  • Promote wellness and preventive care through remote monitoring of vital signs, physical activity, and lifestyle factors
  • Empower individuals to take charge of their health and make informed decisions
  • Personalized wellness programs, health coaching, and data-driven insights to nurture healthier lifestyles

  • Automated reminders and notifications to help patients adhere to medication schedules
  • Monitor and track medication intake for improved compliance and treatment effectiveness
  • Alerts and interventions for missed doses, promoting better medication management

  • Deliver educational resources and personalized health coaching remotely to patients
  • Promote self-management and empower patients to make informed healthcare decisions
  • Tailor educational content based on specific health conditions and individual needs

Indications That All Stakeholders Are In
Need of An RPM Solution

Explore Comprehensive
Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

  • Continuously track patients’ vital signs, including heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and more through sensors or wearables.
  • Instant alerts for abnormal readings, enabling timely interventions and proactive care.
  • Effortless data capture via wearables to the cloud servers puts you in charge of the real-time insights
  • Patient-reported symptom tracking to assess symptom severity and progression.
  • From device integration to efficient data transmission, and converting raw data into meaningful reports.
  • Post-personalized care plans based on symptom data, ensuring optimized treatment.

  • Established integration with end-to-end mapping for smooth data transitioning.
  • Synchronized information about patient onboarding, medical history, CPT billing, device allocation, analytics, and system notification.

  • Intelligently classify and organize patient data into meaningful categories.
  • Real-time alerts based on AI-powered algorithms, ensuring timely care intervention.
  • Predict risks, make informed decisions, and devise well-rounded treatment plans based on the AI-enabled data visualization techniques.

Seamless Remote Patient
Monitoring Device Integration

RPM Features For
All The Stakeholders

Existing Client Success Stories

Case Study

Triple Ring Technologies

They partner with clients, primarily in Medtech and life sciences to create new technologies, launch innovative projects, and start new ventures.

integrate hardware or wearable medical devices


An application integrated with their wearable devices to easily track and access different EHRs/EMRs.

Solution by Folio3

A companion application for their two wearable devices, Pain Relief Controller and Smart Patch. This helps provide connectivity with StimBox and Patch devices.


Helping management to take informed decisions by utilizing insightful data and minimizing errors.

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