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From Fortune 500, SMBs to startups, Folio3 Digital Health has helped healthcare companies streamline their healthcare operations whether it is related to compliance, data integration, interoperability, or software development.

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The Neuro Plan

Healthcare App Development
A healthcare app that helps optimize brain health and cognitive performance by evaluating patient brain health. Folio3 Digital Health designed and developed the entire healthcare mobile solution to streamline daily activities for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s.


Telemedicine Web App Development

A telemedicine web application that allows remote patient and doctor communication through virtual consultation in a healthcare compliant manner


Healthcare Integration
A reproductive genetics company that wanted to integrate its healthcare data as per HL7 standard protocols. Folio3 through HL7 integration and engine development helped in the streamlining of healthcare data from different regions.


Healthcare ERP Implementation & Integration

SightLine empowers your field organization to deliver improved client outcomes. Folio3 helped in the field service implementation along with integration between different platforms to streamline business processes.


Healthcare App Development
Thrive is a healthcare startup that is a digitally Interactive tool on Apple Watch for Autistic Children. Folio3 helped in the design and development of the platform that provides structure reinforces positive behavior, promotes emotion regulation, and reassures parents regarding the safety of their child.

St.Michaels Hospital

Healthcare App Development

Mental health app designed and developed by Folio3 to address health problems of women suffering from endometriosis.

Hamzavi Dermatology

AI Medical Imaging Software Development

Hamzavi dermatology provides medical, pediatric and surgical dermatology services to ensure healthy skin for all ages. Folio3 developed AI based medical imaging software for them to process images for vitiligo patients.


Healthcare Website Development

AMCN is a leading global provider of emergency medical transport to people. Folio3 developed their web platform to improve user interaction and engagement.


AI-Based Mental Health Solution

AiGenics develops solutions to support the effective delivery of healthcare using Machine Learning and NLP. Folio3 conducted the app discovery for their mental health application to deliver a clickable prototype.

Triple Ring Technologies

Medical Device Integration

Triple Ring Technologies partners with companies in medtech and life sciences, to create new technologies, and launch innovative projects. Folio3 develop companion apps to integrate data with their medical wearable devices.


AI-Based Medical Diagnosis Software Development

Dow University of Health Sciences is a reputed educational institute that also has a very strong department of Postgraduate studies which monitors various basic medical sciences and clinical sciences programs. Using AI and machine learning Folio3 helped develop medical diagnosis software for breast cancer in patients.

Ecare Vault

Custom Healthcare Software
eCare Vault is an innovative healthcare startup solution designed to digitally transform and streamline your manual, paper-based workflows.Folio3 developed an individualized cloud-based platform that supports learning and care coordination by collaborating with parents, specialists, teachers, and HIPAA security experts.

Face Reality

Custom Healthcare Software

Face Reality offers Acne Treatment Products and Services itself and with 100s of certified professionals across the country. Folio3 developed a Cloud based, intelligent Virtual Clinic platform that
allowed them to diagnose, recommend and attend their clients.

Achelois Pharma

Laboratory Management Solution

Achelois Pharma is known for providing high quality medical manufacturing services and products to healthcare companies and customers all around the globe. Folio3 developed a laboratory management solution targeting scientists and lab technicians to help in automating the whole process.

Cygnus Technologies

Healthcare UX Design
Cygnus Technologies is one of the leading providers of assays and services for determining and characterizing impurities in biopharmaceuticals. Folio3 helped in introducing customizations in their healthcare platform to offer a better user experience along with streamlined operations.


Custom Healthcare Software
Hiplink is a secure, wireless alert management digital health solution that provides text and voice-based wireless alert management solutions for emergency response. Folio3 developed the entire platform with all its customizations to ensure the continuity of healthcare operations.


Medical Device Integration

Myomo is a Neuro-robotic portable arm brace developed using android companion apps that enables individuals to self-initiate and control the movement of partially-paralyzed limbs. Folio3 developed companion apps through which the neuro-robotic arm can be operated by paralyzed people easily.


Healthcare Integration
BioSkin is an Oregon-based company that manufactures, distributes, and sells compression, orthopedic braces, and human performance gear for orthopedic, sports medicine, and recreational sports use. Folio3 fully integrated and automated data synchronization between their Magento 2 web stores and ERP.

Envy Medical

Custom Healthcare Software
Envy Medical’s offers Integrative Skin Therapy that promises exceptional skin health and appearance with a continuum of all-inclusive in-office procedures and at-home skincare to address hyperpigmentation, aging, acne, and other skin issues. Folio3 developed a system that integrated their healthcare ERP for better and more efficient use of their healthcare operations.

Optimum Medical

Healthcare ERP Implementation
Optimum Medical offers the largest range of healthcare lubricant products in the UK. Folio3 implemented different ERP modules in the company that led to the streamlining their everyday financial, procurement, inventory, sales, and CRM processes.

Orien Dental Supplies

Healthcare Integration
Orien Dental Supplies is an Australian, privately-owned dental supplies company, with its distribution and head office located in Melbourne, Victoria. Folio3 fully integrated four of their web stores with their ERP for streamlining healthcare operations.

Pure Life

Healthcare Integration
PureLife is a California based distributor and retailer of dental tools, products, and equipment. Folio3 seamlessly integrated their web store with their back-office healthcare ERP system.


Healthcare App Development
SimplyThick LLC develops innovative technologies and solutions for people with swallowing problems. Folio3 developed a healthcare mobile app (for iOS and Android) that enabled its sales reps to place orders directly in their ERP system, from their smartphones.


Custom Healthcare Software
Synthego is a leading provider of genome engineering software and synthetic RNA kits designed for CRISPR genome editing and research. Folio3 provided consultation services and delivered key customizations to their ERP system tailoring it to their specific needs.


Healthcare Software Development
Vertiflex provides a clinically proven, minimally invasive treatment that delivers long-term relief from the leg and back pain associated with LSS. Folio3 delivered healthcare software development services and support to manage and set up ERP according to their needs.

Pai Skincare

Healthcare Integration
Pai Skincare manufactures and distributes certified organic, premium skincare products that are exported to over 50 countries worldwide. Folio3 Integrated 6 of their web stores with their back-office healthcare ERP system.

Tropic Skincare

Healthcare Integration
Tropic Skincare is a UK-based manufacturer and retailer of vegan, cruelty-free, skincare, and makeup products. Folio3 integrated their ERP with the Marco TrackIT factory automation system. The integration streamlined their business processes while minimizing human error & manual data entry.


Healthcare Integration
Pharmaceutical company specializing in diagnostic test kits, devices & equipment for labs, care providers, and law enforcement agencies. Folio3 helped in the healthcare integration of their web store with their ERP system allowing better and more transparent synchronization of data.


Healthcare Integration
ChromaDex is a leading phytochemical reference standard, botanical reference materials, and research-grade materials provider for natural products. Folio3 integrated their healthcare systems with the ERP.

TrueCare LLC

Healthcare App Development
TrueCare LLC offers easy-to-use, cost-effective tools to help parents protect and educate children on the dangers frequently associated with social media.Folio3 helped TrueCare in addressing and resolving their issue by developing a cross-platform mobile app and website for their patient management system.

BlueSpring Wellness

Healthcare Integration
Blue Spring is a seller and manufacturer of health and wellness, skincare, and nutritional products. Folio3 seamlessly integrated its web store and Healthcare ERP systems, creating an end-to-end system for monitoring and reporting across the organization.


Leading LIPS and A.I. based medical solution.
Speclipse, Inc., a medical device company founded by Stanford University graduates and a dermatologist, offers the world first cancer diagnostic solution based on Laser-Induced Plasma Spectroscopy (LIPS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology.


Healthcare Integration
ChromaDex is a leading phytochemical reference standard, botanical reference materials, and research-grade materials provider for natural products. Folio3 integrated their healthcare systems with the ERP.

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