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Category: Telemedicine

Telemedicine Examples for Patients and Healthcare Practitioners

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | April 11, 2023In this digital age, telemedicine solution brings an opportunity to bridge the traditional gap between patients and healthcare practitioners. Telemedicine offers a range of solutions for patients and healthcare practitioners, including virtual consultations, remote monitoring, and telepharmacy solutions, all of which can be facilitated through a variety […]

HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing – Best Free Video Therapy Software

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | February 14, 2024Overview – HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing Software Technological advancement is opening new avenues for telemedicine, creating possibilities out of hopelessness. Just for the start, with telemedicine technology, it is now possible for doctors and researchers to diagnose PTSD through voice samples. However, just like in all other […]

How Telemedicine Solutions Can Fight COVID-19

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | March 13, 2024Introduction With the global epidemic of new coronavirus (COVIS-19) unfolding its repercussions in different facets of life, whether social, political or economic, it has simultaneously explored multiple avenues for healthcare providers through which they need to explore options that can help them accommodate the exponential rise in […]