Harmonizing health: streamlining ELR with a custom integration engine.

About Igenomix

The customer is a global research-oriented company who are pioneer in the field of Reproductive Genetics with more than 15 years of experience involving 460 scientific publications and 5 patents.

They offer innovative tests to help reproductive health professionals provide their patients with robust, high-quality solutions at the preconception, preimplantation, and prenatal phases of their reproductive journey.

The Problem that Got Them Thinking

Igenomix faced a daunting challenge. The need to adhere to HL7 formats in building an integration engine was paramount—a crucial element that would enable interoperability and standardized data exchange. The goal was clear: create a robust solution that would empower health departments in different states to gather, process, and share laboratory data in a unified manner.

Leveraging Magento’s Potential

The journey began with a collaborative gathering of minds. A team of skilled artisans, comprising architects, developers, and healthcare experts, joined forces to craft an automated HL7 encoding engine using a Java-based technology stack.

A raw format and encode it into the required HL7 v2 messages using state-specific configured requirements. The customized approach enabled us to deliver the solution cost-effectively instead of acquiring expensive commercial HL7 encoding engine licenses.

The Impact

The impact of this epic quest was profound. Health departments in different states saw a surge in efficiency and accuracy. The integration engine not only streamlined ELR processes but also facilitated real-time data sharing, empowering health

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