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How Online Payment Gateways For Telemedicine Portals Can Help You Save Time And Money

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    Last Updated | July 25, 2023

    Executive Summary | Online Payment Gateways for Telemedicine

    Telemedicine, which has become a very valuable part of healthcare especially after COVID-19, needs to make a promising use of technological advancements to deliver quality virtual care to it’s users. This, too, requires making the payment process as easy as possible to for the clients. This articles here explains the importance of an Online Payment Gateways for Telemedicine Portals in healthcare. 

    Overview | Online Payment Gateways for Telemedicine

    In this fast-paced world of technology, the digitalization of all data and business has made it very easy for people to gain access to their data with a mere click of their fingers on the phone screens and for this purpose, different telemedicine software development companies devise and provide a secure online payment gateways for telemedicine portals.

    Why do you need an Online Payment Gateways for Telemedicine portal?

    Need for an online payment gateway for telemedicine portal

    Telemedicine website design companies who work in the field of telemedicine are very interested in integrating payment processing with telemedicine. This makes their telemedicine portals better and gains a competitive edge in the rapidly expanding telemedicine marketplace. 

    Once you develop a telemedicine app payment processing becomes a very important step to be taken care of and is a value-added feature for telemedicine software companies.  While starting a telemedicine practice, clients and healthcare professionals need merchant accounts to accept payments from patients. Making online payment processing a part of your telehealth software enhances your image to your clients.     

    Clients and patients appreciate the ease and convenience with which they ensure payment processing. This increases their trust in the organization and makes them a loyal customers. This helps them increase their profits. 

    How to choose the right online payment gateways for your needs?

    Now that remote telemedicine is gaining so much popularity because of the telemedicine benefits it provides, it is probably not a surprise to learn that there is a great deal of competition among the companies that offer online payment gateway for telemedicine portals. 

    Consider the following factors to choose the right gateway: 

      • Rates and fees. Make a thorough comparison among various salespersons to find the most cost-effective option for yourself. Keep in mind that the cheapest option is not always the best option. 
      • Multiple payment choices. When you give your patients or clients several options for payment, you get your funds more easily because if you give limited options to your patients or client, it might be difficult for them to use those options. 
      • Offer recurring billing. This gives patients the ability to pay a certain amount on a fixed schedule without forgetting. This ensures less stress for everyone involved and cash flow predictability.
      • Electronic invoicing. Another easy way to ensure the safe transfer of funds is to send an invoice via email to the patient as a confirmatory message. In this case, all the patient needs to do is click on a secure link, provide their card details and pay. 
      • Comprehensive reporting capabilities. Many providers give you an easy-to-use dashboard that is easy to understand and gives you access to your accounting and patient information with just a few clicks.
    • Mobile connectivity. Your telehealth payment provider can also provide you with a mobile-friendly option to conduct virtual visits, correspond with patients, review billing details, and converse electronically with clients and patients.  

    How can an online payment gateway help to reduce costs?

    The online payment gateway for telemedicine portals allows organizations to replace paper in favor of more diverse and cost-effective payment methods such as payroll cards. Although the telemedicine app costs too much, online payment gateways help reduce costs by eliminating the need for printing, distributing, and mailing paper checks. However, many retain the ability to send checks if needed.

    The benefits of using an online payment gateway for telemedicine portals

    benefits of online payment gateway for telemedicine portals

    Here’s how online payment gateways for telemedicine portals can be useful for your online payment gateways for telemedicine to ensure safe payment: 

    • Security tools are made a part of merchant accounts for telemedicine and such tools make the payment process safe for medical transactions.
    • Filter and add specific features like blocking IP addresses, adjusting the modes in which payments are made, and declining those transactions that don’t meet your criteria.
    • Such platforms store payment information for repeat patients, so they do not need to enter their information repeatedly.
    • You can search for details of any transaction made in the system and you can also keep an eye on the time of the transaction. 


    How to get started with an online payment gateways for telemedicine portals?

    You can get started with an online payment gateway for telemedicine portals by following the below-mentioned steps:

    • Create your online payment gateway framework. For this, you will need a server to host your gateway. If you’re using your own server, you have to think about the maintenance procedure for any associated data centers.
    •  Choose a payment processor for telemedicine online payment gateway: A payment gateway works along with a processor to complete online transactions. For this, you’ll need to ask for the processor’s API documentation and once you get the documentation, you need to follow implementation instructions. 
    • Create a customer relationship management (CRM) system to better handle the online payment gateway and your interaction with the client. 
    • Include good security features. One thing to keep in mind is that when you create your own payment gateway, you’re responsible for all data of the client so you need to handle it properly. 
    • Obtain required certifications. Apart from PCI auditing, you must apply for a 3DS certification from EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa). This international certification is a mandatory step required to process customer bank cards.


    How does an Online payment gateway work?

    The online payment gateway for the telemedicine portal works in the following manner:

    When accepting online payments on online payment gateways for telehealth, start by setting up your website and connecting it to a payment gateway.

    The customer avails of your services and pays for the services by clicking the payment link provided by you and entering the credit card or debit card details.

    The order and card details are sent right away to the payment gateway and the client’s card information is securely transmitted to the payment gateway.

    Next, the online payment gateway for the telemedicine portal verifies your customer’s card details and checks if they have sufficient funds to make the payment for the service they availed. After checking, the payment gateway proceeds with the transaction. 

    Moreover, the payment gateway also prevents any suspicious activities with the help of anti-fraud tools.

    The payment gateway then sends a request to the customer’s issuing bank for it to initiate the transaction. The bank sends the appropriate funds to the merchant bank and then deposits them into the merchant account.

    The status of the transaction is sent as a notification to the merchant as a confirmation of the payment. It depends on the payment gateway you are using and how long it takes to receive your payment. 

    What are the top 5 online payment gateways for telemedicine businesses?

    The top 5 online payment gateways for telemedicine portals are as follows: 

    • PayPal
    • Stripe
    • Amazon Pay 
    • Amwell
    • Braintree

    How to set up an online payment gateway for your telemedicine portal?

    You can set up medical payment processors for telemedicine by following the below-mentioned steps:

    Create your payment gateway framework.

    Choose an appropriate payment processor according to your requirements.

    Create a customer relationship management (CRM) system for good interaction between you and the client.

    Implement security features to ensure the security of the data.

    Obtain required certifications.


    To sum up, online payment gateways for telemedicine portals have made it a lot easier to make sure that the payments are safe and secure. Such gateways have increased the patient’s trust and have benefitted healthcare organizations in gaining a good number of loyal patients.

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