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As the world is moving towards a digital transformation, EHR practice management software is turning into a need from a want. Medical record management software is primarily software for patient record-keeping. It consists of patient records and files, accessed and updated in real-time. This includes medical history, prognosis, diagnosis, lab reports, treatment plans, prescriptions, patient billing, and much more.
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Custom EHR Development

Leverage the expertise of our EHR specialists and let them help you develop custom hospital electronic health record systems and software solutions that help you manage everything from one place. This includes everything from your clinical dashboards, task scheduling, appointment scheduling, to your patient profiles, electronic prescriptions as well as billing and documentation.

Custom EMR Development

As one of the most experienced EMR software providers, we can help you develop a compliant, custom EMR software solution that can be used to maximize interoperability and streamline the communication between your medical organization, doctors, labs, pharmacies, and patients. Gain from real-time data tracking and record-keeping, and make smarter, informed decisions with clinical decision support systems and solutions integrated into our EMR solution.

Mobile EMR/EHR Development

Develop secure custom mobile EHR/EMR solutions that benefit both you and your patients equally well and enable you to communicate horizontally as well as vertically with your partners, staff, doctors, patients, and stakeholders. Our mobile solution lets you access your patient records and data, exchange confidential PHI, and take action in real-time with just a few taps, regardless of where you are.


Compliance is critical when developing electronic patient record management systems and software solutions because they all involve confidential PHI. We have made a name for ourselves by consistently building EHR/EMR solutions that are compliant with all necessary regulations and standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, HL7, HL7 FHIR, CCA, CCR, CCD, and SNOMED, just to name a few.


We provide premium integration services to further enhance the experience for both doctors as well as patients. This includes seamless integration with wearable devices as well as other third-party platforms and applications such as insurance databases, laboratories, reporting, billing, etc. This integration speeds up processes and streamlines operations for your organization.

Healthcare Analytics

One of the advanced features in our electronic patient records software solution is the use of Artificial Intelligence as well as Machine Learning to help with prognosis predictions, medicine analytics, and healthcare analytics in general. These analyses further help in critical decisions and help doctors make more informed decisions on the basis of statistics and resulting predictions.

Appointment Scheduling & Management

Manage your appointment schedule with maximum efficiency. This feature works with the help of automated alerts in the form of reminders, messages, and emails and helps maximize your patient flow by reducing missed appointments.

Patient Management

This feature lets you manage everything about your patients from their medical history and diagnosis to any communication between the doctor and the patient even in chronic care cases, where patient visits are minimal.


With telemedicine solutions integrated with your electronic medical records management software solution, you can offer appointments and consultations to your patients while they are sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Patient Portal

Leverage interactive and user-friendly patient portals developed to grant your patients easy access to their own healthcare documentation so that they can always be informed and get serious about their treatment plans.

Electronic Prescriptions

One of the most popular features of any good EHR solution is electronic prescriptions. We have an excellent prescription system that enables the automatic sharing of prescriptions with the patient directly.


We have advanced billing features integrated into the system in our EHR solutions to take care of your patient billing management. Our custom solution can take care of everything from payment gateways to insurance claims.

Multiple Users/ Roles

The computerized medical record software systems and solutions we design enable more than one user to manage the system. Moreover, multiple user roles can be assigned with varying levels of authority and access.

Alerts & Notifications

Our automated alerts and notifications remind doctors and patients about any appointments so that everything stays on schedule, or even about payment confirmation. The alerts and notifications can be in the form of SMS or emails.

Expert EMR/EHR Software Developers

Oue EMR software developers offer custom EMR and EHR software development services that promote interoperability, improve doctor-patient communication, streamline clinical workflows, and maximize clinical productivity amongst healthcare organizations.

Folio3 Digital Health EMR software developers have expertise in building highly interoperable EMR software, with integrates PMS and HIE features and functionalities, to streamline communication between patients and medical professionals in the healthcare field. Our custom EMR software incorporates eRx, record data tracking, electronic communications, and much more.

With over 15+ years of experience in the healthcare industry we have worked with numerous healthcare startups, SMBs and enterprise organizations to develop and deploy EMR software that can easily and seamlessly integrate with third-party healthcare websites, applications, and software APIs such as DrChrono, Allscripts, Kareo, CareCloud, CureMD, Epic, AthenaHealth and OpenEMR to mention a few.

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Being a custom healthcare software development company helps in developing at a reasonable cost. This is because, with custom development, you only pay for what you need, and we work within your budget.


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Frequently Asked Questions

EHR and EMR, essentially, are both paperless medical records systems that let organizations automate their clinical workflow. Electronic Medical Record-keeping software is like software that manages digital patient charts specific to the hospital or doctor. It is like a set of digital files for the use of that particular hospital. Electronic Health Record EMR software, on the other hand, is like an online medical record system with the records being specific to the patients and not the hospital. So it gives a long-term, comprehensive picture of a patient’s health and medical history and is accessible by all hospitals and healthcare organizations that cater to the particular patient. 

EMR software is basically an electronic patient record software system that is focused on electronic medical record storage as well as management. It also helps hospitals and clinics automate and streamline their clinical workflow. These records contain the medical history and treatment plan for patients over a period of time at a particular medical facility. 


The electronic medical records software cost depends on a variety of factors such as whether you want an on-site solution or a cloud-based one. It also depends on the amount of customization you need in your EMR software. The cost for installation can go as low as $15000 and as high as $70,000 depending on the provider as well as your organization size and requirements. The electronic medical records system implementation costs are approximately $160,000 for the first year.

Electronic medical records are part of an EHR or EMR software system and the system works by enabling doctors and other healthcare practitioners to enter details such as the medical history of patients and then updating that data and using it whenever needed to make medical diagnoses and take decisions. These digital records provide easy and quick access to critical patient information when needed. 

Some of the most popular Electronic Health Records software systems are Epic, Cerner, and Meditech with the highest market share in the USA.

The best digital medical records software in the US can be different for different organizations. This is because every organization is not the same size and they definitely do not all have the same requirements. They also do not face the same challenges. So theoretically, the best software for any particular organization would be one that fits all its requirements.


In the same way, the best Electronic Medical Record software provider would be one that understands the requirements and challenges of your medical facility and tailor the EMR solution to meet your needs. Folio3 is one of the best EMR solution providers because not only does it match your needs down to the minutest details, it also provides value for money and develops the most affordable electronic medical records software in the US. Our satisfied clients and their testimonials are proof of the success of our solutions.