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Triple Ring Technologies partners with clients, primarily in medtech and life sciences, to create new technologies, launch innovative projects, and start new ventures.
The Challenge

Triple Ring Technologies wanted to design and develop an application through which they could easily integrate hardware or wearable medical devices. A major challenge that the customer faced was to ensure their integration with the wearable medical device is seamless and can easily be tracked, accessed, and utilized with different EMR/EHRs as well as individual practitioners in a hassle free manner.

From a development standpoint, the challenge faced was that the customer required the initial version of the project to be developed as part of this project, which will be a demonstration app and will be developed for the iOS platform only. A person wearing one or both devices on their body will connect through this application to control them and collect analytics.

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Our Solution

The solution provided by Folio3 was in the form of designing and developing a companion application for their two wearable devices Pain Relief Controller and Smart Patch. Folio3 helped in the development of a mobile application that helps provide connectivity with StimBox and Patch devices. With the help of this application, the sensor data can be read easily with the help of the user interface made in the application.
With the help of the cross-platform application developed by Folio3 built on React Native. Users can make appointments through the app and pay for them using the app without having to visit the hospital. Through the application, the end user can control the device and some configuration which is available with hardware.


As per the initial response from the end users they found the application very user friendly and easy to use, the employees are adopting to it fairly easily and as the data is now properly captured it is resulting in better clarity and reporting and enabling the management to make better informed decisions on the areas they need to address.

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