Thrive is an app for Apple Watch, also compatible with desktop/laptop web browsers; a fully customizable solution that provides structure reinforces positive behavior, promotes emotion regulation, and reassures a parent/guardian regarding the safety of their child.


The Problem & The
Folio3 Solution

Thrive wanted to develop a mobile application that could be helpful for people and can easily address their unique needs with autism. Through this mobile solution, Thrive wanted to cater to the following specific areas:

  • Visually appealing (in concept and appearance) to children and adults.
  • User friendly interface on all devices (Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop)
  • Application is synced and compatible on all devices.
  • Ability to customize images, personal photos or choose from icons made available in the application.
  • Ease to update schedule at any time, location, and device.
  • Ability to customize multiple schedules within each child’s profile
Carefully Crafted

Execution Process



The solution developed by Folio3 fulfilled all the requirements of all the different modules requested by Thrive that resulted in the formation of interactive, digital, therapeutic tools and resources that are tailored to address the unique needs of individuals with autism.

With current, relevant tools and resources, people with autism can thrive and make meaningful contributions to their family, community, and society in a way that is unique, imperative, and simply special.

Server Side: JAVA
Parent & Admin Panel: Reach JS
iWatch: Native iOS (Swift)

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