About Cygnus Technologies

Established in 1997, Cygnus Technologies is one of the leading providers of assays and services for determining and characterizing impurities in biopharmaceuticals. The company serves a number of firms pertaining to the medical, pharmaceutical, gene therapy, biotech, and other similar industries. Cygnus Technologies helps companies throughout the lifecycle of the new therapeutics; from product development to market distribution, Cygnus is involved in every step along the way. Cygnus was acquired by Maravai Lifesciences in 2016.

The Challenge

Cygnus Technologies wanted to scale its operations through its online store. Their website was built on an OSCommerce platform which had a number of limitations in terms of customizations. When Maravai Life Sciences acquired the company they wanted to move the website on the Magento platform to leverage the built-in features of Magento and to achieve some complex goals of 360 search within the website.

The Challenges Cygnus Technologies was facing are given below:

  • Migration of OSCommerce to Magento 2
  • No mechanism for catering to backdated orders
  • Tier/customer-based pricing wasn’t there
  • UI and UX issues
  • Lengthy checkout process
  • The store had no option to attach detailed documents
  • No localization in the store
  • Advanced search options

Our Solution

Folio3 migrated Maravai’s Cygnus Technologies from OSCommerce platform onto the Magento 2 platform. The project also involved the creation of a brand new design and user experience. Some of the customizations included implementing functionalities that are not supported by Magento out of the box.
The customizations made to the store include:
  • Backdated order management system
  • Customer Group/Tier Based Pricing
  • User Registration Customization and improvement in the signup process
  • Region-wise Pricing and access restrictions. For example, in Japan, only vendors and distributors were allowed to sign up
  • Ability to attach supporting documents such as PDFs/JPEGs/Worksheets to products (As per FDA Requirements)
  • Custom Attributes for the association of complex data with products and customers A complex customized JS tool for product specifications
  • Tax Management System, AVATAX, integration
  • One Page Checkout to improve conversion rate
  • Pricing Packages managed separately as per the customer or their associated company
  • Ability to attach supporting documents such as PDFs/JPEGs/Worksheets to products (As per FDA Requirements)
  • Mapping legacy data into entities and attributes onto the new platform in the best possible way
  • Advanced Search Capability with Sphinx. The admin can now specify the content to show for a search ranging from FAQs and documents to products and testimonials.


The upgrade was successful and the site performance improved significantly. Along with functional upgrades, the website’s user-friendliness was also improved that ultimately led to an increase in the number of orders via the website. Some of the major results of our fixes are given below:

  • The streamlined flow of orders from the store to vendors
  • Customization for enabling localized search in the store
  • Hassle-free checkout process
  • Customizing the store to enable the attachment of detailed documents
  • All user interface and user experience issues were resolved effectively
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