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Whether you want to create a medical app from scratch or revamp your existing healthcare solution, we provide the best custom healthcare application development services that help you look after your customers, and their health, smartly.


We Offer State-Of-The-Art
Healthcare App Development Services

As an experienced medical app development company, at Folio3, we offer the most advanced web and mobile health app development services designed to keep you involved and help you understand each step of your healthcare web application development or mobile app development. From Android and iOS applications to wearables and medical device app development, we ensure the fastest and most effective process

Mobile Health App Development

Whether you need an initial MVP or further work on your application, our dedicated mobile app development team has plenty of experience and expertise to churn out top-notch HIPAA compliant Android, iOS, and hybrid apps.

Backend Development for Healthcare Solutions

We offer advanced microservice architecture, and cutting-edge features such as cloud-based recording, and safety systems to secure and handle your confidential patient data.

Admin Panel for
Healthcare Solutions

Our developers offer the latest algorithm-based insights as well as administrative tools to facilitate your managers, healthcare practitioners, and other staff.

Custom Development for Large Screens

We understand that larger screens require a different perspective whether that is regarding functionality or accessibility, and we know how to handle both.

Medical Device Management

With the best medical device app development in town, we offer next-level device management with smart and innovative management controls.


Ensure the safety of your patient’s confidential health data while it’s transferred and shared with relevant authorized platforms.

How To Develop a Healthcare
App With Folio3

With a user-centric approach to healthcare application development, our topmost priority is to get to know your requirements better and develop an app for you that fits them perfectly. Using the lean startup methodology, we also ensure the minimum possible cost of developing a health app.



We have a very thorough discovery process where we understand and refine your requirements and note down any challenges you may have.



Healthcare application development is a process in itself, but for simplicity’s sake, let’s say this is where we build the MVP, and then later add features as required.



This is where we hand over the final product and help you launch your healthcare application. The process doesn’t end here. We offer continuous support and maintenance, plus any further development that you may have on the roadmap.

Assessment Tool

As technology is evolving rapidly, the IoT in the field of medicine is gaining more and more importance. This is because of the vast opportunities in health assessment tools such as the constant monitoring and evaluation of vitals, and even the monitoring of compromised tissue and its oxygen levels. We offer the latest medical device app development for all your wearables and connected devices.


Scheduling isn’t new since hospitals have been doing it for quite some time now. What we offer is a solution that helps you take the manual as well as human errors out of your appointment scheduling and help you automate the entire process. This can help solve so many problems such as if a patient cancels an appointment, the patient next in line waiting for an appointment can be sent an automated message about his new appointment.


In the aftermath of the pandemic, telemedicine became a necessity from being a convenience with social distancing turning into the norm. Since every physician and doctor nowadays has a smartphone, and patients too, have understood the value of being able to stay home for their appointments, the new normal is here to stay. We build state-of-the-art custom telemedicine solutions integrated with your existing EHR systems and offering advanced electronic prescription dashboards.

Secure Messaging

We take your patients’ confidential health information very seriously and we know how important it is for you to have a secure channel of communication. At Folio3, we leverage HL7 FHIR standards to be able to serve you integrated solutions that elevate your complex communication engagements. Our custom HL7 integration services and solutions enable you to transfer your PHI and data internally and externally in a seamless manner.

Hire Expert Healthcare App Developers For Your Project

Folio3 Digital Health has a dedicated team of proficient healthcare app developers who understand the design, development and regulatory compliance requirements to make your healthcare application user friendly, secure and scalable.

With over 15+ years of experience in the healthcare industry and delivering 350+ projects successfully we understand the dynamics of the industry that can help guide clients in their healthcare application development whether it is a startup, SMB or a large scale enterprise.

Our highly skilled software engineers excel at troubleshooting, improving medical app functionality, and interface design. With our guidance, you'll see your app idea come to life in ways you never thought possible.

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We enable you to hire healthcare mobile app developers and web app developers of the highest caliber. Let our dedicated teams of experts and professionals fill in the gaps in your employee skillset with a cost-effective team-based engagement.

Reasonable Cost

We are known as the best healthcare mobile app development company not only because we develop effective solutions that cater perfectly to your needs but also because we work within your budget and develop at a reasonable cost.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can’t arrive at an accurate estimate without laying down your requirements properly. You have to determine what stage your application is at currently. Is it just an idea in your head or do you have the prototype ready? Do you want to develop a mobile application or a web application?

Then you have to determine whether you need to hire a medical app development company or go with freelance developers. Unless you have an entire team who can take care of everything else, it is always better to hire a company because developing an app requires more than just developers. Even within this, you have to decide how experienced you want the company or your developers to be and whether you want them to have any particular skills. You also have to determine whether you want frontend developers, backend, or both. 

The most important factor that determines the cost of developing a health app is the number of features you need in your application and how complex you need them to be. Once you have the answers to all these questions any good health app development company can give you an accurate estimate of what the cost may be.

A good healthcare mobile app development company would be one that puts you first and makes your mobile app exactly the way you envisioned it at a price you can afford. Moreover, you can determine how good a development company is by how its customers and clients talk about them. The best of companies have the most loyal of customers.

Folio3 is one such company because it employs a user-centric approach to development and always puts its customers first. We not only develop your apps the way you envision them, but we also help refine your requirements and make your final product even better than you hoped for. Furthermore, we have our customer testimonials to prove what our clients think of us.

If you are part of a healthcare facility or organization, you should first sit down with your team and note down your requirements as clearly as you can. For this, you have to conduct primary research to find out what challenges you are trying to solve and what exactly you want the app to do for you. Secondly, you have to then look for a good healthcare application development company and help them understand your requirements and see if they can develop the app for you within your budget. 

Once you have found your development company, then you can relax and concentrate on your healthcare services while you are regularly updated and kept in the loop on the status of your medical application. Once it’s approved by you, tested, and completed, you can then prepare to launch your new healthcare mobile application.