AiGenics develops innovative AI solutions to enhance the delivery of healthcare. The company aims to revolutionize healthcare with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
The Challenge

The core challenge that AiGenics intends to address is to provide a specialized platform for mental health which offers digital cognitivist behavioral therapies, self-meditation through different proven methods. Through the use of this platform the mental health needs of different users can be fulfilled as per their requirements.

Some people require a personalized routine but the tools currently available do not provide real psychology exercises with the presence of a proper coach. Secondly, some people tend to look for a more detailed and industry tailored set of therapies and exercises that can help them in their mental health. Hence, AiGenics wanted to cater to the needs of all these people.

Furthermore, the solution that AiGenics aimed to design and develop wanted to ensure that the mental health of users is improved by providing them with a safe, secure and personalized platform that could help them suggest therapies based on the mental feelings and behaviors using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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Our Solution

The initiation of devising a solution for AiGenics began with the app discovery process. Provide app discovery illustration.
The solution provided by Folio3 allows Users to perform self meditation and attempt therapies designed by the professional through their phones. By eliminating the need of visiting a psychologist in person, users will be able to take the assessment and based on their score and they’ll be redirected to the best suited content through AI and ML. Users can view past assessment scores and record daily mood check-in to keep the track of their mental health.


As per the initial response from the end users they found the application very user friendly and easy to use, the employees are adopting to it fairly easily and as the information is now properly captured it is resulting in better clarity and reporting and enabling the management to make better informed decisions based on the moods and behaviors of the people.

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