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Category: Telemedicine

16 Must-Have Telemedicine App Features for a Better Experience

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | May 29, 2024In the current digital era, embracing digital solutions is imperative for businesses to thrive and expand. The healthcare sector, in particular, has witnessed significant advancements by adopting digital tools and technologies. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing cancer treatment and enhancing patient care. Telehealth has emerged […]

How To Ensure Telemedicine HIPAA Compliance In 2023

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | September 5, 2023Executive Summary – Telemedicine HIPAA Compliance Telemedicine has benefitted the field of healthcare providing contact-free communication between the patient and the healthcare professional. But with this technological advancement comes the responsibility of making sure that the communication between the two parties remains confidential. This article explains the […]

How Online Payment Gateways For Telemedicine Portals Can Help You Save Time And Money

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | July 25, 2023Executive Summary | Online Payment Gateways for Telemedicine Telemedicine, which has become a very valuable part of healthcare especially after COVID-19, needs to make a promising use of technological advancements to deliver quality virtual care to it’s users. This, too, requires making the payment process as easy […]

How to Implement Telehealth in Rural Areas: Identifying Opportunities and Addressing Barriers

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | July 25, 2023Executive Summary – How to Implement Telehealth in Rural Areas Despite the promising nature of telehealth services, why is the telehealth implementation rate lower in rural areas? In this article, we walk you through the barriers to telehealth utilization and how addressing them can help provide access […]

Telemedicine Business Model | Complete Guide

Posted in Telemedicine Last Updated | April 11, 2023Telemedicine Business Model Looking to set up your telemedicine business? As a strictly regulated and highly competitive business, you need to be wary about various aspects. The telemedicine business model relies heavily on the integration of telehealth software, including telepharmacy software, to facilitate remote consultations and medication […]