Building The Perfect Custom
Healthcare Software Solutions

From medical history to lab reports and treatment plans, we ensure that you have everything organized and accessible in one place, ready to be shared with pharmacies, patients, as well as other medical facilities simply with a few clicks.
Help patients find peace of mind with the help of complex algorithms that help determine when they need urgent care. Ensure they have reminders for regular mental health assessments and online therapy as well as reminders for self-care.
As one of the top digital health companies, we offer interoperability at its best leveraging the HL7 framework and standards. Digitize your healthcare facility and the services you offer to be able to maximize interoperability within your systems and software solutions.
Leverage the most advanced form of remote patient monitoring in the form of self-monitoring solutions for patients in remote areas tailored to your specifications or those patients who cannot frequently visit the healthcare facility, especially in the wake of the pandemic.
Ensure that your staff never makes an appointment scheduling error and that your patients never miss an appointment again. We offer advanced scheduling apps and features within apps that help you get an immaculate scheduling system in place.
Develop custom solutions for your chronic patients that need constant monitoring and extra care without having to frequently visit the healthcare facility. Such solutions can help patients stay in touch and be constantly monitored by their doctors remotely.
We offer advanced custom revenue cycle management and payment solutions to facilitate your healthcare facilities in financial management. Moreover, our solutions ensure compliance with PCI as well as HIPAA regulations and are easily integrated with your EMR/EHR platforms.
Monitor your patients with advanced smart wearable devices integrated with solutions that sync their data over to their doctors and healthcare facilities in real-time. Whether they are being monitored for hypoglycemia, hypertension, or heart rhythm issues, ensure your patients get medical attention on time.

Powerful, Customized Healthcare Software Solutions & Services

As one of the leading digital health service companies in the US offering premium digital health services, we are proud to offer some of the most advanced and innovative healthcare software development services.
We develop tailored healthcare software systems and solutions that give you exactly what you require while solving any challenges you may be facing at the same time. Our medical software development services are all you need to build your own digital health solution.

Design Strategy

We use the design thinking approach to design an innovative, responsive healthcare software solution for you, keeping your needs and your customers at our first priority.

App Development

We have dedicated app developers for different development platforms and we can help you decide on a customized healthcare solution that works for you and is within your budget.


As one of the most renowned and experienced digital health solutions companies, we take extra care to ensure that the medical software programs and solutions we develop are secure and compliant.


We offer seamless integration with all leading EHR/EMR systems and platforms as well as custom integrations with any third-party app or platform.
Our clients love us because we deliver results!
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Some of the esteemed projects we worked upon, to give you a glimpse of the way we work.


Healthcare App Development

Ecare Vault

Custom Healthcare Software


Healthcare App Development


Revolutionize Healthcare

Folio3 is known as one of the best medical software development companies in the United States paving the way ahead and helping you revolutionize the healthcare industry. Whether you are a small retail clinic or physician practice, an emergency center, or an enterprise organization, we can build the perfect scalable solution for you that fits all your requirements and solves every challenge you come across in your operations.


As a compliant healthcare IT consulting company, every solution we offer is specially designed to meet and exceed the required standards of security when exchanging confidential patient health information. With everything going digital, there is more of a need for systems and software solutions to be HIPAA compliant to protect the interests of your patients, since more information is being transmitted and shared electronically.

100+ Projects Completed

We’ve delivered healthcare solutions to enterprises and startups with 100% satisfaction rate. Our clients love us!

Achievement & Awards

Dedicated Teams

Let our dedicated professionals with years of experience and expertise fill in any gaps occurring in your employee skillset or requirements with a team-based engagement.

Reasonable Cost

Being a custom healthcare software development company helps in developing at a reasonable cost. This is because, with custom development, you only pay for what you need, and we work within your budget.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital health companies make solutions that help digitize the healthcare industry. So, they are essentially software development companies that focus on making solutions for healthcare.
The easiest way to look for them would be to search for “healthcare IT companies near me” and your search engine would then show you a map with all the digital health solutions companies near you. However, to find out which one is the best is relative to quite a few considerations. The best company would be one that develops a solution for you that falls within your budget and does everything you need it to do. This means a company that basically makes your solution exactly the way you want it at the price you want it. The best company for you may not be the best for someone else. Having said that, a top digital health company would be a good organization that has plenty of experience in the field you are interested in and has satisfied clients. Folio3 stands true for all these factors.
The average development cost per hour for a healthcare solution ranges from $100 an hour to nearly $200. Realistically speaking, the cost depends on a lot of factors, especially if we are talking about a custom solution. Firstly, what platform are you interested in working with? What kind of developers do you need, backend, frontend, or both? Are you interested in hiring a development company or a freelancer? The answers to a lot of questions like these bring the range up or down.
Folio3 is known as one of the top digital health organizations in the United States because they have proven to be so. Any organization is deemed successful because of what its clients and customers say about them. Folio3 clients have nothing but praise about them and that is apparent in the testimonials and success stories publicly available. The top healthcare IT company also has more than a decade of design and development experience in the healthcare space, which makes it all the more trustworthy. If you still want to know more about how folio3 is a top healthcare SAAS company, reach out to us and we will tell you everything you need to know.
In order to find the most accomodating medical and healthcare software vendors in the US, who can make perfect, tailored solutions for you, you have to be clear about exactly what you need in your solution. Once you are clear about your expectations, it is easier to then choose the digital health services company that is best for you. The best company would be one that understands your requirements to the tee and then develops your solution exactly like you want it, keeping your challenges and budget in mind. You can start with searching for good custom healthcare development vendors in the US and then narrowing them down according to your requirements. Folio3 has over 15 years of design and development experience and it is known to have clients that always return for more projects. This is because, at Folio3, we provide value for money and we are truly your development partners as opposed to hired guns.