Air Medical
Care Network

Website restructuring with security measures and payment gateways integrations.

About AMCN

AMCN is the leading name when it comes to providing dedicated emergency medical transport in the US. The caring and experienced crews can arrive at the scene quickly and transport patients to the closest appropriate medical facilities.

The Problem that Got Them Thinking

AMCN was earlier engaged with a different company, however, they were not satisfied with the services provided to them as there were a lot of issues and business flaws. One of the important ones was how the system manages user enrollment data. With more and more customers getting on board this issue started to become a blocker. It was a key reason due to which they decided to opt for Folio3 as their development partner.
In addition to this, the company wanted to start development work that could help them in increasing their product offerings urgently as they were losing business to other competitors due to the low number of options available on their website.

The Value Delivered By Folio3 Digital Health

The first solution Folio3 was able to provide AMCN was to expand their product offerings. Initially, the platform offered only two plans, however, within a short span and with the continued effort of the Folio3 team we were able to expand it to seven. Another major solution that Folio3 was able to execute for them was in the form of restructuring and realigning the website so that it could easily cater to the needs of B2B customers. Additionally, we were able to take some proper security measures by adding a layer of authentication to their system reducing any vulnerabilities to sensitive information. Furthermore, Folio3 was also able to integrate multiple payment gateways into the website interface which were not present earlier. This helped in increasing customer interaction and satisfaction resulting in an increase in the overall enrollment percentage.
Moreover, the Folio3 team helped AMCN with various issues associated with custom business logic that helped them in enhancing and streamlining their overall operations and simplifying customer journey and user flow as well.

The Impact

With the help of the various support and development related projects that the Folio3 team was able to accomplish for the AMCN team, they have been engaged with our team since the last four years and counting. The tasks that we have executed for them allowed them to expand their customer base, explore new marketing channels and target audiences, along with enhancing customer journeys and user flows providing them with a hassle free customer experience. Based on this, AMCN has also provided our team to look after another website that they have known as Rural Metro Fire (RMF).

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