AI-powered skin cancer detection app with chatbot therapy.

About Speclipse

Speclipse, Inc., a medical device company founded by Stanford University graduates and a dermatologist, offers the world first cancer diagnostic solution based on Laser-Induced Plasma Spectroscopy (LIPS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology.

The Problem that Got Them Thinking

Speclipse, Inc., decided to increase the spectrum of their services by building a mobile application enable users age ranges 50 to 70 years old or anyone diagnosed with skin cancer or disease or users who has symptoms leads to the skin cancer for early diagnosis through Artificial Intelligence (AI) enable image recognition Technology.
On top of that, Speclipse wanted to have tele-clinic feature included in the application which allows patients and doctors interact online eliminating the requirement to visits clinics physically and get the feedback from the dermatologist instantly.

Our Solution

Based on the given business requirements and market research Folio3 team has identified and suggested a list of core feature a skin cancer diagnosis app must have. Suggested mobile application includes Integration with a third party Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) model to analyze images through image recognition technology taken from the phone camera or already saved in the phone and then display results to the users on the application. Users and patients can export results and share with General Practitioner (GP) outside the application if needed. Users shall have the ability further view research based articles and videos and get Ultra Violet reading alerts based on current location.

An admin portal is required for the key areas of the application, which help business managers to keep track of user statistics, revenue inflow with basic information about subscriptions and payment plans and ability to upload and publish research content for the users.

Features were identified based on the application available in South Korean and Australian regions.

The Impact

Easy and quick access to the artificial intelligence-enabled skin cancer diagnosis platform. The ability for the users to get a first-hand diagnosis through image recognition technology and track changes throughout the treatment. A platform connects with the right health care professional right from where you are without being physically present at the clinic. With geo-location-based alerts about Ultra Violet index severity, help skin cancer survivors to take preventive measures.

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