Hamzavi Dermatology

Leading Dermatology Specialists of skin cancer, surgical procedures, and pediatric and ethnic dermatology.

About Hamzavi Dermatology

Hamzavi Dermatology covers many elements of dermatology, including medical, pediatric and surgical dermatology. The organization has more than 30 years of experience caring for dermatology patients in southeast Michigan.

The Problem that Got Them Thinking

Hamzavi wanted to simplify the overall process of vitiligo treatment. The treatment has majorly two aims to fulfill. The first one is to control disease succession and to repigment the Vitiligo affected area. Treatment of this disease is called Re-pigmentation.
Visual determination of treatment efficiency is difficult because this re-pigmentation process is time-consuming and it’s difficult to determine the accuracy of the therapeutic changes.

The Value Delivered By Folio3 Digital Health

Folio3 developed an automated system for processing and analyzing images, allowing for manual adjustments when needed. A web-based application will capture basic patient data and associate images with records, providing features like image upload, browsing, and previewing. Users can log in through a standard login screen and access a dashboard for managing existing records, uploading new images, and entering new records via an intuitive interface. The whole application will consist of three major parts:
  • Image Processing Tool
  • Tools and resources for patients
  • Back-end engine
  • Scheduling appointments

The Impact

With the help of the application that Folio3 developed, the overall hassle-filled process of image uploading, scanning, and processing was simplified and streamlined to a large extent. It reduced the manual effort of time and resources in the entire process automating it to eliminate the possibility of any errors that can occur in the entire workflow.

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