Face Reality

Based in the Bay Area, Face Reality offers acne treatment products and services itself and with 100s of certified professionals across the country.

About Face Reality

Headed by Laura Cooksey, a nationally-recognized Acne Expert, experienced acne from the time she was a teenager until her mid-thirties when she finally found an esthetician who helped her attain clear skin.

She became a California state-licensed esthetician in 1990 and set out to learn everything about acne that she could. After practicing alone for many years, her dream of opening an acne-only clinic came true in 2005. Inspired by the life-changing results she achieved with her clients, licensed estheticians across the country have become certified in her proven protocol for treating acne.

The Problem that Got Them Thinking

Face Reality needed a web application for its clients to identify the skin problems and based on business rule, client can suggest medicines and their routine. Later, the client requested the creation of a portal to view the analytics of these results on a user interface, allowing them to both view and download the data.

The main reason for choosing Folio3 was that Face reality is already working with Folio3 on various Shopify products. So, they came to us for the solution of these problems.

The Value Delivered By Folio3 Digital Health

Folio3 has designed and developed two separate web responsive interfaces, one for pro users to get recommendation for medicines & second for Admin user to see analytics of pro users that are being used by the Face Reality team to cover both of these problems.

Based on received requirement, Folio3 created wireframe & designs along with recommendation engine process to customer, which have been approved & development started. With the help of our solution, application designs are more user friendly and have better user experience. In addition, these were the new applications for clients to execute their business.

The Impact

As per the initial response from the end users they found the application very user friendly and easy to use, the employees are adopting to it fairly easily and as the data is now properly captured it is resulting in better clarity and reporting and enabling the management to make better informed decisions on the areas they need to address.

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