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We help digital health firms, startups, and entrepreneurs unveil the full potential of technology by ideating, designing, and developing custom software and applications that solve healthcare challenges worldwide.

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Digital Healthcare Services

Custom software solutions help healthcare startups, entrepreneurs, healthcare IT companies, and providers to uplift human health with emerging technologies.

Custom App Dev

Leverage our team’s expertise in end-to-end product development. We develop all sorts of human health applications, including wearable apps, fitness apps, behavioral health apps, and telemedicine apps.

We stay with you during the entire development process of product discovery, design, development, and launch.

AI Solutions in

Uncover untapped opportunities harnessing ground-breaking technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, convolutional neural networks, and medical imaging.

We can help you launch thriving digital products beyond traditional approaches with emerging technologies that are game changers.

Resource Augmentation

Grow your team with our talented healthcare software experts and combine technical and industry knowledge.

Our team has vast experience in building human health software and applications. We see your business as ours and don’t wait for you to spoon-feed us about what you want to achieve.

Healthcare Interoperability

Get hold of the universal translator of the healthcare data with HL7 integration and FHIR integration that makes it easy for systems to share information using modern, developer-friendly APIs. 

We also offer Cerner integration to streamline clinical workflows and enhance data interoperability across healthcare environments.

Medical and Wearable Device Integrations

We enable you to seamlessly integrate your wearable devices with existing healthcare IT systems, such as electronic health records (EHRs) and patient management platforms. 

Leverage our expertise in healthcare technology and data interoperability with a core focus on HIPAA compliance.

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Client Testimonials:
Don’t Take Our Word for It

Kudos to your team for outstanding work in the discovery phase! Your team understood our business and workflows by asking the right questions and extracting the most useful information. Your team's ownership and results-oriented approach are commendable.

Shaukat Zakaria

CEO at HealthQuest

I’d like to thank everyone for their extra work and making the first release possible before the actual date. I'm overjoyed to see the practical aspect of our application come to life today and hoping to build great products with Folio3.

Maker Athian

Founder at iVision

We've successfully completed the first MVP and I appreciate everyone's efforts especially for the identical parts of the apps and now we have a live product on AWS through your excellent work. Thank you !

Maker Athian

Founder at iVision

I appreciate your remarkable work during the  recent Laboratory service phase. Your determination, analytical thinking, and continuous efforts were crucial in overcoming challenges and achieving success. I appreciate your help as we collaborate to create fantastic items.

Maker Athian

Founder at iVision

Folio3 Digital Health Testimonial

Working with the folio3 team has been a great experience. Your dedication, creativity, and adaptability in overcoming challenges for the Moodology app project are truly commendable.

Azhar Ali

Director At AiGenics

Folio3 Digital Health Testimonial
Folio3 Digital Health Testimonial

Team Folio3 brought my dream app to reality, they explained every step to our non technical team professionally. wireframe and design processes were outstanding  & they built stunning and perfectly integrated application. I think both patients and clinic will be significantly benefited.

Elizabeth Miazga

MD FRCSC at Saint Michael's Medical Center

Folio3 Digital Health Testimonial

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Centralized Platform for Patients, Surgeons, Surgery Clinics, and Insurance

We worked with the executive team at Clomr and identified the right engineering team to build a platform that included patient onboarding, tenant management, surgery case management, and error-free billing via ICT/CPT codes.

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