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We use disruptive technologies to build applications that help patients manage their own health and interact with the providers more conveniently.
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Who We Are

Folio3 is a California based software solutions partner for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies that specializes in digital healthcare solutions. With over a decade of experience and expertise in the healthcare space, we have built groundbreaking digital transformation solutions for some of the world’s leading healthcare companies.

We have the necessary expertise and competency integral to the optimization and management of digital health processes that cater to the needs of all important stakeholders whether they are a healthcare practitioner, physician or patient.


How We Work

We are alums of Intel, Silicon Graphics, and Qualcomm; techies from MIT and Caltech entrepreneurs andinventors from Silicon Valley; enthusiasts for all things digital; big believers in technology’s potential; bigger believers in human potential.
As alums of Intel, Silicon Graphics, and Qualcomm; techies from MIT and inventors from Silicon Valley, we understand the significance of introducing technology in the healthcare industry. Some of the industry leading digital health solutions that we have designed and developed for companies tend to help healthcare practitioners and organizations to better optimize and scale their processes to better handle the challenges they face in the management of healthcare operations.
Our services and solutions for the healthcare industry tend to provide a more efficient and effective way of visualizing, tracking and analyzing health data allowing actionable insights to drive better decision making resulting in enhanced productivity and profitability.
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Let our dedicated professionals with years of experience and expertise fill in any gaps occurring in your employee skillset or requirements with a team-based engagement.

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Being a custom healthcare software development company helps in developing at a reasonable cost. This is because, with custom development, you only pay for what you need, and we work within your budget.


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