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13 Best Heart Health Apps in 2024 – Track Your Heart Health Digitally

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    Posted in Healthcare Management

    Last Updated | January 25, 2024

    Executive Summary – Hearth Health Apps

    In today’s digital age where the technologies like telemedicine, EHRs, healthcare management systems, and other technologies have penetrated all aspects of the healthcare industry, healthcare mobile apps are increasingly making it possible for patients to keep close track of their health. Healthcare apps are at the forefront of improving personal healthcare, with smartphone users having instant access to a plethora of healthcare apps for managing different personal healthcare aspects; from diabetes to cancer and from diet to heart health apps, enabling smartphone users to easily manage all aspects of personal health.

    Now if we are to talk about heart health apps, things aren’t much different. There are various heart healthcare apps from different vendors available in the market. In fact, many tech businesses including the likes of Apple are competing to dominate this market with massive potential.

    What is Heart Disease? Why Do We Need Hearth Health Apps?

    Heart disease or cardiac diseases are a leading cause of death across the globe. In fact, it’s also the biggest cause of natural death in the United States, which reflects the importance of keeping up with heart health issues. According to one study by the Centers for Disease Control, heart complications are behind the fatality of every one in four Americans, which is roughly estimated to be over 600,000 annual deaths.

    Now, cardiovascular disease or heart disease is a broad term that includes various cardiac problems like atherosclerosis (a disease where fatty plaque is built up in the arteries), congenital defects, heart infections, and various other heart-related problems. All of these diseases are life-threatening and can lead to heart attack or heart failure.

    While heart disease is a universally prevailing health concern, thankfully it can be treated and managed. The majority of heart problems are mainly due to the lifestyle factors like poor diet and lack of exercise in daily routine, which means that people can easily manage their heart health by opting for healthier lifestyle choices.

    Top Heart Health Apps for Cardiac Patients – iOS and Android

    With so much technological advancement going on in the medical industry, let’s see some of the best heart health apps that are increasingly assisting patients to better manage their heart health.

    1. Instant Heart Rate

    The instant Heart rate app is available for iOS and Android devices. This smart app transforms your smartphone camera into a heart rate monitor by displaying your heart rate instantly within 10 seconds. The instant heart rate has been consistently ranked as one of the best healthcare apps for cardiac patients with its preciseness and reliability. The app is trusted by doctors and cardiologists across the world. All you need to do is to take the simple test using your smartphone camera and you will get a pulse waveform graph, reflecting your heart health. You can also use the app to perform the Standup test to estimate the fatigue and fitness of your heart.

    The app is freely available for Android devices, whereas for iOS devices it is available at $4.99

    EMR software

    2. Blood Pressure Monitor

    You must have had some fun memory of a blood pressure cuff at the pharmacy back in the day. However, today monitoring blood pressure is a lot more convenient with this easy app. The Blood pressure monitor app comes with features that help you easily track & record the vital signs while also recording them with other relevant medical details like routine medication, thereby, allowing patients to create an interactive lifetime visualization of their blood pressure trends. The app is ranked consistently as one of the best heart health apps for its reliability and accurate results. It also enables patients to sync the data with other devices or export the data for emailing to healthcare providers or their loved ones just to keep them informed about their health.

    The app is available free of cost for iOS devices with in-app purchases.

    3. FibriCheck

    Fibricheck may seem to be a simple and intuitive app, however, it packs some amazing features that give you insights similar to that of an echocardiogram (ECG). The Fibricheck can give you a retailed heart rhythm within one minute, so you can stay updated with your heart health performance. To add more to the credibility of Fibricheck, the app is certified and recognized by the food and drug authority (FDA), so you can be confident in using the app as an emergency lifesaving heart health app.

    The app is available for Android devices for free with in-app purchases.

    4. Blood Pressure Tracker

    The Blood Pressure Tracker is yet another simple yet highly-useful healthcare app for cardiac patients. The app brings in some great features to store and access blood pressure records over a long-time. The app can be used as a quick and convenient way to access your systolic and diastolic readings along with the weight and pulse readings, all of which can be stored and shared with healthcare practitioners. The app lets users export the records in all major formats including excel and pdf for easy sharing.

    The app is available for Android devices free of cost with in-app purchases.

    5. Heart Pal

    The Heart Pal is your heart’s true pal that let cardiac patients log and analyze their blood pressure conveniently. It’s among the most widely used heart health app that also offers a robust and high-utility pill-tracker feature, which can be used for easy management of prescription medications.

    The app is available for iOS and Android devices at $0.99 per month.

    6. HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker

    Heartwise blood pressure tracker is a logging heart disease app that can be used to track blood pressure over a long-time. Apart from the blood pressure, the app also tracks the resting heart rate and weight. Users can easily export charts, graphs, and trend-analysis tools for sharing with healthcare practitioners, as well as, for personal heart health monitoring.

    The app is available for iOS and Android apps at $0.99 per month.

    7. Withings Health Companion

    This app is meant to track detailed health performance by keeping detailed records of weight, blood pressure, sleep patterns, and activity levels.

    The app is available for iOS devices, and a specific blood pressure cuff is also available for iPhone users and is offered free of cost.

    8. AliveCor ECG Heart Monitor (about $200)

    The AliveCor ECG Heart Monitor is perhaps one of the most robust and comprehensive heart disease apps that can help track the heart’s electrical activity, which can easily be shared with healthcare practitioners.

    The app is available for iOS and Android devices at a price of about $200.

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    Folio3: Cardiac diseases’ Custom Healthcare App Development Partner

    When it comes to digital healthcare services, Folio3 is right up at the top with a few of the other big names in the digital healthcare industry. Over the past decade, Folio3 has been working in close collaboration with doctors and healthcare specialists from different fields to come up with integrated and comprehensive digital healthcare solutions not only for the healthcare industry but also for patients. Folio3 partners with healthcare institutions to enable them to streamline their workflow processes and integrate innovative digital health techniques, enabling them to improve the overall efficiency and quality of healthcare services provided to patients. The business is also accredited for the development of some of the most complicated and innovative healthcare apps in collaboration with leading healthcare institutions around the world. On top of everything, Folio3 focuses on the healthcare UX design that leads to efficient and high-quality healthcare apps and software

    Integrated Healthcare Solutions

    As a leading tech company with deep expertise in disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Folio3 has been working with a healthcare providers, and other critical life sciences organizations to better understand their needs and come up with integrated tech-based solutions. Some of the healthcare solutions developed by Folio3 include;

    EMR/EHR Integration Solutions

    The integrated EMR/EHR solution by Folio3 is meant to streamline the workflow processes of healthcare entities; offering them technologically advanced and innovative solutions for greater synchronization between different systems, increased efficiency, and better healthcare services.

    Health wearable app for autistic children

    Bedside Monitoring System Integration

    Folio3 has developed various robust and comprehensive bedside monitoring systems, catering needs of all sorts of inpatients, and outpatients, as well as, remote environments.

    HIPAA-HITECH Compliant Video & Messaging

    The company has developed dedicated HIPAA/HITECH-compliant telehealth solutions for secure video and messaging communication between patients and healthcare providers. The telehealth solutions offered by Folio3 come with high-level security encryption and can be customized to meet the needs of hospitals and clinicians.

    PACS Integration Solutions

    The PACS integration solution is an advanced automated way to remove any redundant entries from the records and ensure the integrity of the data with a seamless workflow process for healthcare organizations.

    Secure Messaging & Video Conferencing

    Folio3 in collaboration with leading healthcare organizations has developed dedicated medical communication platforms for secure messaging and video conferencing. The medical communication solution from Folio3 conforms to all regulatory standards including HIPAA, HITECH, and FIPS 104-2 for PHI sharing.

    Secure Healthcare Mobile Solutions

    Folio3 maintains large and comprehensive mobile healthcare solutions that are customized to ensure high-quality and consistent performance for patients and healthcare providers. The healthcare mobile solutions from Folio3 include heart disease apps, diabetes healthcare apps, and other healthcare apps for patients dealing with different diseases.

    Pharmaceutical Solutions

    Folio3’s innovative and robust pharmaceutical solutions are helping pharmaceutical businesses across the world in improving their clinical research and trials and come up with better quality and highly researched solutions for patient health monitoring.

    Telemedicine Solutions

    The telemedicine solution such as cliniclive by Folio3 comes with strict regulatory compliance with HIPAA and other standards while offering a diverse set of features for patients and healthcare providers with the ultimate aim to improve the quality and access to healthcare services.

    Cloud-based Hosting Solutions

    Folio3 offers healthcare organizations including hospitals and clinics of all sizes safe, reliable, and consistent cloud-based hosting solutions; enabling them to scale and innovate in the healthcare industry.

    Mobile-first Solutions

    Folio3’s secure healthcare mobility solutions are meant to enable the healthcare industry in managing the clinical workforce with greater efficiency. The mobile-first solution for PHI exchange offered by Folio3 conforms to all the regulatory compliance requirements including HIPAA and HITECH.

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    Best 5 Free Heart Disease Apps for Cardiac Patients

    1. PulsePoint Respond

    You may never know when your heart stops beating, right? Well, while it isn’t possible for you to always be at the right place at the right time during any heart health issue, this amazing heart health app lets users connect to qualified CPRs instantly. The in-built GPS technology help apps to notify concerned people in the surrounding about any emergency, to ensure the quickest qualified medical help is received by the person. The app also guides the medical responders in the navigation, making them aware of the nearest external defibrillator available from the spot of the emergency.

    The app is available for iOS and Android devices and is offered free of cost.

    2. Blood Pressure Companion

    Blood pressure companion does exactly what its names reflect, it helps users to test and maintain blood pressure and other vital signs required to enable you to keep track of your heart health. Some of the features of the app include; blood pressure, weight, and heart rate.

    The app is available for iOS devices and is available free of cost.

    3. Kardia

    The Kardia is one of the most powerful heart health apps which is meant to work with various cardiovascular devices from kardia including; an EKG device to give precise results with an accuracy that’s comparable to professional EKG reading. The app is also able to analyze the EKG readings and indicate any deviation from normal values in blood pressure, or heart rate. The powerful analytical features of the app can predict conditions like atrial fibrillation.

    The app is available for iOS and Android devices free of cost.

    4. Qardio

    Qardio is a complete heart health app that enables users to access detailed, and precise readings for various heart health metrics like blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and other metrics. The metrics recorded using the app can be used as supplement to other vital metrics like weight, body fat and others help to give users the big picture of heart performance.

    The app is available for iOS and Android devices free of cost.

    5. Cardiac Diagnosis (Arrhythmia)

    The cardiac diagnosis appears deceptively simple and intuitive, however, it packs the latest features like directed intense light for instant and accurate measurement of heart rate. The app works seamlessly for heart rate monitoring without the need for any other device. The app also analyzes the readings to inform users of the risk level, thereby, enabling users to seek early medical attention in case of any heart issue.

    The app is available for Android devices free of cost.

    FAQs – Heart Health Apps

    How does a heart health app work?

    Different heart health apps work differently depending on the technology used by the app. Some apps let users measure the heart rate using directed intense light, others may use a smartphone camera and face detection technology to measure heart rate, while others may still use the fingerprint sensor to analyze the blood pressure and heart rate of users.

    What health apps and heart monitoring apps will be compatible with the smartwatch?

    Various heart monitoring apps are compatible with the smartwatch. Some of the apps include:
    Cardiac Diagnosis

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