Why Choose ClinicLive?

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Healthcare Compliant

HIPAA Compliant Platform. ISO 27001 Certified Data Centers. EMR Integration.

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Ease of Use

No Installations Required for Clinics. iOS & Android Apps for Patients.


Encrypted Data in Transit & Rest. Secure Video and Audio. Transmission.

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No Setup Fee. Flexible Pricing Options. No Yearly Contacts.

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Multi-Device Access

Ease of Appointment Check-in. One-click Web Access.

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Why ClinicLive

Take Your Practice from Your Neighborhood to the World


Communicate with your patients virtually with a single button click!

Chronic Disease

Monitor remote populations for early symptoms and respond promptly.


Ensure medication adherence especially in high-acuity chronic patients.

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Patient Triage

Asses your patients remotely for better screening and in-time urgent care.


Connect emotionally with your patients while maintaining their privacy.


Provide second medical opinion in complex issues helping patients globally.

One Stop Telemedicine Solution
for all Practitioners

Extensive Dashboards, Customized Practice Portal, Easily Manageable Resources

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Invite & Manage Clients
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Take Notes & Share with Clients
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Join Virtual Appointments
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Setup & Manage Appointments
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One Click Call Joining
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Email & Text Reminders
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Sign Up on Mobile
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Checkout Notes from Your Care Provider
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Schedule & Manage Appointments
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How it Works?

  1. Practitioner’s office will enroll patients into ClinicLive platform. Patients will receive emails with their Virtual Clinic Record #.
  2. Patient will download the ClinicLive mobile app and complete the signup process.
  3. Patient will check out available times and setup appointments on the ClinicLive mobile application.
  4. Practitioner (using the web application) and patient (using the mobile application) will join the scheduled appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The telemedicine solution of ClinicLive has been developed to ensure that clinicians and patients are able to connect remotely without violating the rules of social distancing and queuing up inside clinic, something which has greatly result in the spread of COVID-19. With the help of virtual consultation environment provided by ClinicLive, patients can easily interact with their clinicians.

Since ClinicLive is a SaaS based software, it is priced per month on per user basis. 

Yes. ClinicLive does offer a Free Trial. You can sign up for it from here.

ClinicLive is easily affordable for individual health practitioners. They can either sign up for our Free tier or Lite tier which is priced at $14.99

Yes. ClinicLive telemedicine solution does integrate with medical records of certified EMR/EHRs

ClinicLive deployment model is based and supported on cloud through which it provides greater security of data and information.

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