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How To Create Your Own Fitness Application?

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    Last Updated | November 28, 2022

    Executive Summary – Create Your Own Fitness Application

    The fitness apps range from basic activity tracking apps to delivering healthcare services and workouts on a mobile screen. Over the years, health and fitness apps have become a billion-dollar market with massive growth potential. If you, too, are interested to venture into the high-rewarding fitness app market, here’s how you can start…

    Introduction – Create Your Own Fitness Application

    Fitness apps have become quite popular in recent times, given the massive awareness campaigns that have alarmed people to rethink their lifestyle choices and pay attention to their fitness and well-being. It’s safe to say that fitness apps have become a staple for everyone and COVID-19 has only accelerated their popularity. With limited access to in-person training and gyms, an increasing number of people are depending on fitness apps to stay fit.

    Given this trend, the global fitness app market is expected to hit the milestone of $14 billion by the year 2026. Now is the right time for you to create your own fitness application to tap into this rapidly growing market and earn your share of the revenue.

    Why You Should Create Your Own Fitness Application

    Developing a medical app or a fitness app has become a safe and high-potential investment for agencies related to the healthcare market. That’s because the global market is likely to reach $15.2 billion by the end of 2028. In addition to the post-COVID world, the growth is driven by people understanding the accessibility and ease of in-app fitness solutions rather than visiting physical gyms.

    Also, the ever-increasing network of fitness gyms and studios through online forums is sustaining app adoption, which is another reason you got to make your own fitness app to remain relevant. One of the biggest benefits of investing in fitness applications today is that you will be able to quickly build a brand out of your application by providing a connected fitness experience for all the clients.

    When you build your own workout fitness app and launch it on Android and iOS play stores, it helps increase discoverability and eventually improves the growth rate. With the fitness app, you can offer nutrition plans, interactive workouts, and a built-in chat feature, so you can offer an intuitive and hassle-free workout experience to the clients.

    Choose The Type of Fitness Application You Want to Create

    types of fitness application

    Ok, if you have decided to go ahead with healthcare app development, the key is to understand all the different types of healthcare apps and what each category brings for the users and your business. Some of the more popular varieties of healthcare apps used by global users include;

    1. Activity Tracker App

    These apps are designed to help people keep track of their activity goals, such as daily steps and logs of their jogging routes. In addition, it can be used to log weight-lifting routines. Most activity tracker apps connect to native smartphone apps, such as the gyro meter. The data is categorized into practical data, such as progress charts.

    1. Diet & Nutrition App

    The diet and nutrition apps are useful for assembling the tracking data that helps specify the users’ goals. It can help determine calorie intake when the users add information about their weight, height, age, and sex. In addition, the users can record the calories whenever they burn them through exercise or consume them. These apps allow users to set personal goals and create grocery lists.

    1. Workout App

    The workout apps are designed to offer workout options to the users and users can select from the videotaped workout sessions. In addition, some of them have exercise libraries that the users can access while some allow the users to create personalized workouts. The workout apps also collect data on how many workout goals they have achieved.

    Mental Health app

    Research The Best Way to Create Your Fitness Application

    Best Way to Create Your Fitness Application

    Research is one of the most important factors you’ve to consider when you’ve to create your own fitness application. There are two options when you have to consider how to create a fitness app, including hiring an agency or hiring an app developer.

    Hiring an agency can be expensive at times but they have extensive teams that can provide full-range fitness and mental health app development solutions. On the other hand, you can hire freelance app developers as they have per-hour charges, but they only specialize in one part of the app development process, which means you will have to hire multiple people.

    Plan The User Interface and Features of Your Fitness Application

    Once you know the type of healthcare app you want to develop, it’s time to start searching to learn about how to develop a healthcare app. Also, it’s important to understand how to make an app HIPAA compliant, since the healthcare domain is a highly regulated industry, and non-compliance with any regulation may lead to hefty administrative and monetary penalties. Also, the healthcare UX design is extremely important because modern users are looking for an intuitive experience. For reason, it’s important to optimize the user interface to ensure easier navigation for beginners as well as other features, such as;

    • Login page – the users need to log in when they need to use the app. So, make sure the login page has various sources available, including phone number, social media channel, and email address to ease the user experience
    • User profiles – the app should allow the users to create their own profiles to store their body and health state information
    • Third-party connection – it’s recommended to make the app usable with trackers. In particular, the apps should connect with smart wearable as it helps collect and store information related to calories, heart rate, type of exercises, and intensity and duration of workouts
    • Activity tracking – this feature helps calculate the fitness requirements and needs. This function can be used to track different activities
    • Geolocation – it can be used to access different jogging routes or allows the users to make running, cycling, and walking itineraries
    • Notifications – make sure the app provides regular and on-time information updates to the users
    • Payment gateways – to generate revenue, it’s important to make multiple payment gateways as it ensures that more people can join the app and pay for it

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    HIPAA compliant

    Create Your Fitness Application

    Once you understand the needs of a fitness app, you can start with the app creation process. Usually, the process takes four to six months to complete, depending on the features and project complexity. However, some steps include;

    • Monetization – it includes the partnerships and payments to determine the profit and breakeven goals
    • Feature selection – the second step is to understand the target audience and design the list of features that should be integrated into the app
    • Hiring – the next step is to hire the app development team or a freelancer developer
    • Inception – it includes the defining scope of work, creating the roadmap, finalizing the budget, and creating the preliminary UI/UX design: An efficient UI can enhance your Healthcare application.
    • Technical documentation – it includes laying out the technical specifications of the apps, such as platforms and use cases, so the developers can initiate the programming process
    • Design – this step includes finalizing the interface of the app, including all its pages. This design process can take over two months
    • Development – once everything is done, the programmers start developing the app

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    Test Your Fitness Application

    The app creation process is extensive and quality assurance is one of the most important aspects. The quality assurance process involves testing the fitness app to identify potential bugs. The app is tested on various devices to determine how it works on different devices with different operating systems.

    Market Your Fitness Application

    Marketing the fitness app properly is as important as creating a well-designed app. In the age of social media, leveraging social media platforms is the most reliable method of creating hype around the app. It’s recommended that you utilize your current business page to promote the app and contact the influencers to get shoutouts for the apps – influencer marketing is an easy and quick way of getting users on the app.

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    The secret to a well-designed and reliable fitness app development is in-depth research and development planning. In addition, understanding the market and hiring the right team is important to make sure you are fully resources. Last but not least, the development and business should work in unison to ensure smooth app development operations. I hope that we have now the best knowledge of how to create your own fitness application.


    How To Make Changes Based On User Feedback?

    The fitness apps are intended for users and it’s common for the new apps to have errors. For this reason, it’s recommended that you save the user feedback on a centralized system, prioritize the feedback, and see if the feedback aligns with the app’s objectives and goals. If they do, you can ask your development team to make changes to the app, promising a better user experience.

    How Much Is It To Create A Fitness App?

    On average, the fitness app development process takes around $15,000 but the price range ranges from $5000 to $25,000, depending on the project scope and the features you want to add.

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