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Medical Device Integration With EHR/EMR
and How It Can Benefit You

Whether we are talking about hospital medical device integration with EMRs and EHRs,
or bedside medical device integration for patients at home, we provide the advanced medical
device data integration solutions here at Folio3. As one of the top medical device integration companies,
we aim to maximize interoperability between EHRs, healthcare solutions, and medical devices.
We follow stringent medical device integration standards to be able to ensure an improvement in health outcomes.

We achieve this by presenting accurate data in the correct format in real-time to help make better diagnostic and care decisions, and also by prioritizing data security with the help of EMR medical device integration.
There are several benefits of medical device integration with EHR/EMR and other healthcare applications.
First and foremost, it helps minimize errors in measuring and documenting vitals and other data captured by an HL7 medical device. Healthcare device integration also helps save time spent on manually entering machine/device readings into your EMR for nurses and other hospital staff. Finally, medical device integration and data informatics help
doctors make accurate diagnoses and deliver better decisions and care solutions by giving them
accurate information in real-time.

Find Out How to Use Allscripts EHR Integration Services To Maximize Functionality and Features

We offer

Medical Device Integration

As one of the leading medical device integration service providers, we provide a range of custom medical device integrations that you can leverage to help improve the health outcomes at your healthcare practice. Our medical device integration services help healthcare organizations enable full interoperability between different medical data management systems and medical device connectivity solutions. 
Below are a few medical device integration examples that we can build up and put into practice for you as a top medical device integration consultant. If you don’t see the integration you need, just reach out to us and we’ll get the right medical device integration consulting services specifically for your needs.
Our medical device integration services support the transmission and storage of medical data interfaced with the following medical data management systems:

Other than the easy to use medical device integrator our experts of integration services also include medical vendors such as:

Hardware & Software Medical Integration include:

For more medical device connectivity consulting just get in touch with our team, and we’ll provide you the best medical device connectivity support in no time. Get your device integration healthcare now!

Medical Device Integration EMR Features and Functionality We Offer

With the state-of-the-art medical system integrator, we enable you to connect your EMR/EHR systems to your smart pumps, pacemakers, vitals measurement monitors, and various other medical devices, regardless of the vendor or provider we believe in providing quality EHR medical device. By using Our connected devices integration your doctors get allowed to connect to medical device data to be able to provide the best level of care to patients by helping them access relevant clinical information in real-time all in one place. More than anything else as medical device integration consultants, we assure you by checking, testing, and validating the ability of your medical devices to support specific clinical workflows against medical device integration standards. Let's see what you get to integrate device with EMR/EHR while working with Folio3.

Data Encryption

Our integration supports data encryption and uses HL7 and FHIR standards while communicating with medical devices to ensure secure transmission of Patient Health Information (PHI) and other data.

All Kinds of Devices

We deal with wired as well as wireless medical devices and provide custom integration services for all kinds of devices.


Our medical device integration is vendor-neutral, which means that we offer seamless connectivity regardless of the manufacturer or provider of your medical devices.

Patient Management

Streamline your patient care operations with our compliant patient management and medical device management features. We enable your healthcare organization to level up your patient care.

Clinical Decision
Making Support

Our medical device integration enables you to support clinical decision-making and allows your doctors to make the right decisions based on the information and results they get in real-time.

Accurate Patient

We make use of several algorithms to be able to ensure accuracy in patient matching so that your patient's information can be accessible from multiple devices and software solutions at once in real-time.

Intuitive User Interface

We provide an interactive and intuitive user interface for clinicians and doctors so that they can filter out critical medical device data at their convenience and be able to decide what should be documented in the patient’s legal record.

Compliance, Safety & Security

We help you fulfill all healthcare compliance and regulatory requirements and frameworks such as HIPAA, FDA/CE, and CDA. This ensures safe and secure transmission of data between EHR/EMR systems and achieves interoperability.

Medical Device Integration Experts

When it comes to medical device integration, Folio3 Digital Health development team is competent enough to handle every aspect of hardware integration in a seamless manner while maintaining compliance and regulatory requirements. With Our integrated medical software provide the best tele healthcare services worldwide.

With over 15+ years of experience in the healthcare industry our expert developers are well aware of the different standards and certifications such as ISO13485 and IEC62304 that help in the integration of data from a medical device with different mobile applications and data analytics platforms.

Moreover, the experience of our development team in FDA/CE registration, along with HIPAA and HITECH compliant software development allow us to handle all stages of your medical device integration in a completely hassle free manner.

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Allscripts EHR is an Electronic Health Records solution designed for hospitals and healthcare practices like most other EHRs. It aims to provide safety in patient care, protect the confidentiality of Patient Health Information (PHI), streamline operations as well as maximize revenue. Folio3 can help you if you want to integrate device with EHR without having any worries and hassles.

A medical device integration platform is when a company is offering an integrated solution as SaaS. This way, this platform is much more than a simple medical device integration software solution. It also offers to unlock the full potential of your medical device data. It streamlines patient monitoring and helps with clinical surveillance. An example of a medical device integration platform is Capsule. If you want integrated medical devices for your business you can contact Folio3 team for your ease.

We, at Folio3, design integration strategies that promise transparency in health data exchange. Our medical device integration experts dive into details to understand your need for biomedical device integration.

So, whether you need multiple integration solutions or an all-inclusive integration platform, we specialize in both. We build customized integration options that perfectly jam into your existing practice systems.

To work with us, you do not need to be tech-savvy. All you need to do is let us know what your needs are and we will assign a team of integration experts who will constantly support your team throughout the integration process, right from designing to executing the system.

For healthcare providers, Folio3, as a medical device integration firm, offers comprehensive medical device software integration that accelerates innovation and improves care outcomes in your organizations.

We build medical device integration systems that make healthcare data accessible to providers and patients at the same time without glitches.

Our integration solutions are secure and sophisticated data-sharing networks that help medical professionals deliver optimum clinical services to patients.

An electronic medical record (EMR) makes health data secure and accessible for clinicians and patients to use anytime. Accessibility to EMRs increases when they are integrated with medical devices.

At Folio3, we follow the best industry practices to integrate devices with EHRs. We offer you extensive support for the integration platform EMR to connect and ensure seamless data exchange between your EMR and other clinical systems.

In addition, our experts provide your analysts and in-house teams with comprehensive training to help them get the hang of the integration solutions we develop.

Medical software integration harnesses the power of information and technology to connect multiple medical devices across the healthcare ecosystem. This integration establishes a single agile system for healthcare organizations and helps providers manage their practice operations on the go.

With the support of medical device integration vendors, healthcare providers need to achieve seamless and scalable software integration to improve data sharing and offer better clinical services.

With integration accelerating clinical workflows, providers can connect more to patients and offer a better patient experience.

Device integration in healthcare helps clinicians spend less time on data sharing and focus more on delivering better medical services to patients.

Integrating devices such as HL7 medical device enables seamless sharing of health data, making it more accessible and easy to comprehend and use. By increasing accessibility to data, integrated medical devices allow clinicians to do better diagnoses and treat patients accordingly.

In healthcare, device integration is essential because it makes health records more accessible to providers, leading them to clear communication and overall improvement in health care delivery and patient health.

The connecting of various devices enables communication, interaction, and cooperation.