Allscripts EHR Integration

Connect your Allscripts professional EHR software seamlessly with different healthcare practices and hospitals using our Allscripts EHR integration solutions and services.
Allscripts EHR Software Integration and How It Can Help You

At Folio3, we have dedicated Allscript developers and integration specialists working on your EHR so that you have absolutely no trouble connecting to healthcare practices and hospitals using your Allscripts EHR system. With our integration solution, you will be able to connect your EHR to nearly every healthcare system in the United States and beyond.

We use the FHIR API as well as Allscripts proprietary API to establish your connections. This enables your Allscripts cloud based EHR solution to be able to deliver advanced functionality and features with one single API. This means you don’t have to customize for each and every connection, saving multiple hours of administration and development work. We focus on getting you a seamless connection so that you can focus on innovation as well as patient care quality.


Allscripts EHR Features With Our Integration

Let us help you add to your EHR functionality and expand your possibilities with our Allscripts professional EHR features and integration tools. All we have to do is ensure you have the needed Allscripts EHR system requirements, and we simply install the system and connect you with all your relevant applications and platforms with the help of a single API. Here are some of the features and tools you will have access to:

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Find Out How to Use Allscripts EHR Integration Services To Maximize Functionality and Features

Your Fully Integrated Allscripts
Cloud EHR Services

One Single API

We have one set of authentication credentials and we use only one API across multiple implementations, platforms, and security standards to get you the functionality you need.

Manage Your Integrations

We help you manage all the integrations with your Allscripts EHR software so that you can remain focused on taking care of your patients.

Monitoring & Support Services

Our team of Interface Support experts analyzes your error logs, troubleshoots any issues, and also provides you with suggestions on how you can help minimize those errors. Our EHR device integration support experts also help you compile and manage regular error status reports for your interface.

Consulting Services

We provide premium consulting services for all your needs, such as custom software development, optimization, implementation, upgrades as well as support.

Electronic Prescriptions

One of our highest-rated EHR integration software services is the development of e-prescription solutions. We make it convenient and easy for you to prescribe medication to your patients and keep a check on your prescriptions. Moreover, we ensure that the prescription software we build is perfectly compatible with your EMR/EHR software.

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Allscripts EHR is an Electronic Health Records solution designed for hospitals and healthcare practices like most other EHRs. It aims to provide safety in patient care, protect the confidentiality of Patient Health Information (PHI), streamline operations as well as maximize revenue.
It is an integrated Practise Management and Electronic Health Records solution for smaller health practices. It is designed to adapt to the way your organization or practice runs while providing you the key features such as streamlined check-in and flexible appointment scheduling; features that you need in such a combined solution. Allscripts MyWay allows you to share your business and clinical data across your practice at your convenience with the help of one unified database.

The Allscripts new EHR enterprise solution is now known as Allscripts TouchWorks EHR. With a powerful and scalable platform like this one, your organization can benefit a lot. Firstly, it is built on an open architecture so it can be customized according to your requirements and easily integrates with all your other platforms and applications. Secondly, you can improve the workflow efficiency for your clinicians and care team.

You can focus on the usability of your software rather than worrying about the technical aspects. You can leverage high productivity from anywhere by using the software on your smart devices. You can enable better informed and safer patient care where the patient is kept in the loop throughout. You can leverage integrated financials for your EHR and even improve clinical outcomes with TouchWorks. Lastly, you can easily and successfully adapt to changes in regulations.

When we compare the Allscripts EHR cost with that of its competitors, we realize that while it falls in the middle of the range, it is more expensive than what the average EHR cost comes out to be. This cost includes the cost of software customization, hardware, software upgrades, maintenance and support, data migration, etc.