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What is the Epic System for Healthcare? | Electronic Medical Records

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    Posted in Healthcare Integration

    Last Updated | January 29, 2024

    Executive Summary: What Is The Epic System For Healthcare?

    Everything you need to know about Epic Systems Corporation, what is the Epic System for Healthcare, their services, and why they are the top pick among healthcare consulting businesses in California can be found in this article. As technology develops, the most frequently used and well-liked software is called Epic Systems, and it is employed by the majority of US hospitals.

    Introduction: What Is The Epic System For Healthcare?

    What is the Epic System for Healthcare? Let’s dive in. The healthcare system has improved so much just over the past few years due to the advancements in technology. This means that hospitals can now more efficiently and quickly process large amounts of data.

    With HIPAA-compliant software development available, healthcare centers across the nation have a way to store confidential data of their patients in a secure system. The most widely used and popular software that most hospitals in the US use are called Epic Systems.

    In this article, you will find everything you need to know about Epic Systems Corporation, all their offerings, and why they are the number one choice of all healthcare consulting firms in California.

    What Is The Epic Software System?

    The Epic Software system is used within the healthcare sector for the purposes of electronic medical record keeping.

    It can be used by a variety of organizations, such as community hospitals, independent practices, dental clinics, mental health, hospice, academic medical institutions, multi-specialty groups, children’s organizations, payers, integrated delivery networks, retail clinics, rehab centers, skilled nursing, and safety net providers.

    What Database Does Epic Use?

    Epic has created its own Cache Database is essentially a more specialty-based version of the Cache database owned by InterSystems. It was tailored to be integrated with Epic’s software so that it could be used by them. The database, which works using a hierarchy system, was specially designed for business agility, reliability, and maximum speed.

    The Epic Cache Database was developed to enable quick KB-SQL access to their database and to make the DBA process more simple.

    Also, DBAs can make use of integrated operational analytics to better understand how the database is performing. They can also use it to know how they may increase the reliability and speed of the Epic Cache Database.

    When implemented correctly, there are several benefits the features of this database can provide, unlike other databases. Some features of this powerful software include:

    • Cross-Platform architecture, making it easy to access and administer on OpenVMS, Windows, OS X, Linux
    • Unparalleled Security features that are Common Criteria EAL 3 certified. The features include Security auditing, smart authorization tools, and complete encryption, ensuring cyberthreats are kept at a minimum.
    • Database Mirroring features which are easy to set up, are cost-effective, and can allow for effective disaster recovery and 1:1 data parity.
    • Operational analytics tools have been embedded to allow DBAs or other IT experts to measure KPIs quickly and assess real-time insights to improve business productivity.
    • There are various datasets supported by Cache in one database. The multi-model architecture allows organizations to access objects, tables, documents, or multi-dimensional arrays easily.
    • Distributed systems are supported by Epic Cache across several networked servers. This dramatically increases performance and scalability, which enhances business agility.

    Due to these robust tools, Epic partnered with and has been using InterSystems Cache databases for several decades.

    At this point, it’s needless to say that there are multiple powerful features available with the Epic system. However, the doctors can get overwhelmed since the systems are still new. For this reason, optimizing the medical UX design for Epic systems will enhance efficiency and functionality. In addition, it will ensure that doctors are able to gain the best outcome from Epic systems.

    How To Use Epic Medical Software?

    The medical software is quite user-friendly, meaning that patients are able to access all their family health and personal information using the MyChart tool. Through this, they are able to attend e-visits, schedule appointments, message their doctor, and complete questionnaires.

    There is also a MyChart Bedside feature for patients who are admitted to the hospital. They can use this to get in touch with the medical team caring for them. Also, they can use this to request help, access educational materials personalized to the patient, and review schedules. Learn how much Epic costs and decide if you can get Medical Device Software developed.

    The 3 Benefits of the Epic System for Healthcare

    The 3 Benefits Of The Epic System For Healthcare

    What Is Epic EHR?

    Epic EHR is a cloud-based system that caters to most specialties. It can be used in several practices, ranging from independent practices and community hospitals to hospice centers and multi-specialty hospitals.

    Epic EHR covers most of the functions provided by electronic health record systems. Medical practices can also add modules according to the specialties they offer. Epic EHR software mainly focuses on how to facilitate remote care and on patient engagement.

    There is a comprehensive patient portal available on the platform and can be used on both iOS and Android-based devices. This allows patients the flexibility essential in managing the requirements of their healthcare. Also, Epic EHR has telehealth options, ranging from video call support, patient monitoring, and follow-ups after a surgical procedure.

    Since Epic EHR works on the cloud, it is available on devices having a web browser installed, making it highly accessible.

    Epic has also made its software easy to integrate and operate within third-party systems. Since it uses an open-source hl7 integration engine, records can easily be shared with other EHR systems using the same standards.

    Some main features found within Epic EHR are:

    • Clinical Workflow
    • Billing Management
    • Appointment Management
    • Claims and insurance
    • Document management
    • Lab integration
    • Referrals
    • Patient Portal
    • Patient history
    • Patient demographics
    • Medical templates
    • Scheduling
    • E-prescription
    • Voice recognition
    • Reporting and analytics

    What Does Epic EMR Look Like?

    Epic EMR resembles quite like most work portals. Doctors will be able to find their profiles there through their personalized dashboard. They will be able to view charts and also have a ‘Note Writer’ allowing them to make notes while adding their diagnosis to the chart. They will also be able to merge their notes with the medical records of their patients to make them easy to refer to in the future.

    How Much Does Epic EHR Cost?

    The Epic EHR system price differs, but the software can be bought upfront for a price ranging from $1200-500,000. $1200 is the starting cost for self-hosted systems. $500,000 is for exceptionally large hospitals. There is also a $2000 charge for training services.

    What Do Epic Systems Do?

    Epic Systems is a developer, manufacturer, licenser, supporter, and seller of a privately owned digital medical record software app that is known as Epic or the Epic EMR (Electronic Medical Records). The software is primarily based on Epic’s own database management system known as Chronicles.

    Epic Systems were made to support functions and processes relevant to patient care, such as scheduling and registration. For nurses, doctors, paramedics, and others relevant to healthcare, there are elaborate clinical systems available.

    There are also systems available for radiologists, lab technicians, and pharmacists, as well as billing systems made specifically for medical insurance companies.

    Why Choose Epic Healthcare Company?

    Epic is widely known in the healthcare IT industry. It is adopted by most large healthcare systems across the U.S. Epic has received many awards, such as the Best In KLAS.

    Over 250 organizations within healthcare use Epic, and over 45 percent of the population have their records stored on the Epic system.

    Epic allows one chart to be used for their patient in all the areas they receive care in. Patients can always be in the know-how through the MyChart feature.

    The advantages to having an integrated system are simply the continuity of care while maintaining high quality. Investigations are not duplicated; communication is enhanced among not just providers but also between patients and providers.

    What Does Epic Accounts Mean For Healthcare?

    Epic accounts allow for an EHR system that can be used not just by individual physician practices, but one that is shareable within the entire healthcare community. Folio3 EHR/EMR integration services allow a fully integrated system to be installed in a healthcare facility so that not only will it process clinical information but also billing, patient scheduling, and registration.

    An Epic account means that you receive a fully integrated system, not one that is assembled using different tools from different companies that do not work efficiently.

    What Is A Billing Indicator In Epic?

    A custom Folio3 telemedicine solution like Epic uses billing indicators, which is an important quality characteristic or clinical value that over time, is used in measuring processes, outcomes, and performance, or any other health care delivery component.

    What Hospitals Are On Epic?

    Epic EHR systems are currently installed in over 2300 locations. Here are the names of some of them:

    • Barnes-Jewish Hospital
    • Mayo Clinic Hospital
    • Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
    • Montefiore Hospital
    • Mount Sinai Medical Center
    • Lehigh Valley Hospital
    • Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital
    • John Hopkins Hospitals
    • Massachusetts General Hospital
    • Beaumont Hospital
    • University Hospital
    • Stanford Hospital
    • NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center
    • Fontana Medical Center
    • Tisch Hospital
    • Los Angeles Medical Center

    What Is EpicCare?

    EpicCare by Epic Systems Corporation is a solution for out-patient departments that allows physicians to monitor their patients’ healthcare from start to finish. Organizations use this to manage several daily operations, such as payment and billing to appointment scheduling.

    It also contains every kind of module. From analytics to clinical trials and mobile applications, it is a portable solution for the storage, access, and organization of medical records.

    Any big healthcare mobile app development company, the USA would agree that this is the best ambulatory solution. Healthcare facilities have reported seeing improvements in the productivity and efficiency of their physicians, as well as a higher rate of ROI.

    Daily traffic can be increased without compromising on patient treatment quality. There is also a noticeable increase in workflow efficiency for clinicians.

    How To Pre Chart In Epic?

    Pre-charting is a way to start on patient instructions beforehand. Epic allows healthcare professionals to write patient instructions using the pre-charting feature before the patient even arrives. During pre-charting, all resolved content will be signed automatically once the visit is started.

    What Are Epic Chronicles?

    Chronicles is the primary database running the Epic software. Epic systems provide their client the tools to maintain the database, run reports, and run queries. Chronicles allow data to be stored in a non-tabular form and then sends it to Clarity, a relational data. It can then be utilized for advanced reporting.

    How Do Epic Meet HIPAA Requirements?

    You may be wondering, what is a compliance program in healthcare? Well, it is one that follows the privacy rules dictated by HIPAA. There are serious penalties if the rules are not followed. They include the misuse of information and the sharing of information when it is not authorized.

    Epic uses HIPAA- compliant software development techniques because it takes the protection of patient privacy very seriously. No matter where the EHR software is being used, it will be secure in the following ways:

    Limited Applications

    Epic has a patient privacy policy that forbids it to license or sell patient information that has been entered through its mobile app. Also, information shared by patients is not sent to Epic directly. This means Epic is unable to store patient information contained on mobile devices or on their cloud-based servers.

    The only exceptions are:

    • Specific healthcare providers for GoogleFit or Healthcare
    • Profile Picture
    • Information is stored temporarily while you are using the application.

    However, you can still choose not to share this information with Epic as well.


    Data and information submitted by Users to the Epic system, even through mobile apps, is encrypted and also transmitted securely to Epic. Thus, patients can access their information privately and securely using the Epic mobile application anytime.

    SSL and TLS

    Epic had provided additional safeguards so patient data can be secured, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), apart from the encryption.

    FAQs: What is the Epic System for Healthcare

    What Does Epic Stand For In Healthcare?

    Epic was named Epic because it recounts events; in this case, the EHR system chronicles the entire history of every patient’s healthcare.

    Is Epic An EHR Or EMR?

    Epic provides both EHR and EMR services, which come under the same umbrella.

    What Is Epic Tapestry?

    Epic Tapestry is one of the oldest modules of the company, which was developed originally so that healthcare payers could manage operations.

    It consists of several modules relating to eligibility, member enrolment, plan benefits, authorization and referrals, CRM, member premium billing, accounts payable, claims and contracting, utilization management, and plan benefits.

    You can implement Tapestry depending on your needs.

    How Many Facilities Does Epic EHR Serve?

    Epic Systems operates in over seventy care facilities.

    What Is Epic CRM?

    Epic CRM enables healthcare organizations to keep a record of all relationships with suppliers, customers, and other clients. You receive a record of all interactions. It is a centralized database, providing easy access to everyone who has the Epic system.

    Who Makes Epic EMR?

    Epic System is held privately and was started by Judith Faulkner.

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