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Virtual Consultation App Development: Benefits, Features, & Cost

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Last Updated | May 19, 2023

Virtual Consultation App Development – The Introduction

Over the past ten years, the healthcare sector has seen significant upheaval. However, one of the most important elements that have contributed significantly to this transition is the use of mobile applications. The future of medicine is in the development of virtual consultation app development. It enables medical service providers effective remote patient monitoring in telehealth, allowing practitioners to gain from simple yet effective technological equipment, namely smartphones.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re wanting to create a medical appointment app. This blog will guide you through the benefits, features, and telemedicine startup costs of developing an online doctor appointment booking app.

The Benefits Of Using Virtual Consultation App Development

Virtual Consultation App Development benefits

Because it offers comfort and convenience, the advantages of using a doctor appointment booking app are growing. Here are some of the advantages you will experience if you are using the app for appointments.

  • Hospitals And Clinics’ Benefits

The doctor appointment scheduling tool enables medical professionals to handle their appointments more effectively while providing dependable administration. However, it shows all of the patient’s information, the entire visit history, analyzes the doctors, saves time, etc.

  • Patients’ Benefits

Cost-effectiveness and safety are the first things that come to mind for people who favor doctor appointment app development. Patients have access to a variety of helpful alternatives with a more user-friendly doc appointments app, including calendar integration, online access to any doctor in any area of expertise, and simplicity in arranging appointments.

  • Doctors’ Benefits

A straightforward work schedule is like a magic bullet in the eyes of a doctor while managing a big patient load. Doctors’ organizational workload is greatly reduced by 24/7 patient access from any device with the help of telehealth app development services.

The medical appointment app allows doctors to manage consultations better. When someone cancels at the last minute, they might keep track of cancellations to provide doctors with a greater chance of seeing one of their other patients. Thus, the medical app helps streamline the workload of doctors and prevent unused time slots, which is cost-effective.

  • Fill In The Appointment Gaps

The doctors’ ability to schedule patients online will help them maintain a full schedule. You can use it to reschedule or modify the appointment. Healthcare providers have a range of alternatives for modifying the appointments to fit their daily schedules, making it possible to close the gap.

Main Features Of Online Doctor Appointment Booking Apps

You must select the features you want an online doctor appointment booking app to have before you decide to design one.

You should think about including the following features in your medical appointment app mentioned specifically in the telehealth implementation guide.

  • Physician/Doctor Profiles

Patients first communicate with potential providers through an app. Because of this, physician profiles ought to be lucid and comprehensive. Photos, core competencies, expertise, and all other information required to help the patient make a decision should be included. You can also think about adding consultation and medical expense prices.

  • Patient Profiles

If a patient has a follow-up appointment or an initial appointment, the doctor should have quick access to that patient’s information. And a fantastic location to keep this information is in an app. Before an appointment, a doctor can access any information about a patient (name, age, medical history, course of treatment, insurance information, etc.).

  • Integrations With Payments

For systemic participation in the connection between the healthcare professional and the patient, a variety of payment methods are needed. It is strongly advised to use a credit card, debit card, or e-wallet to efficiently manage appointments and process payments automatically. Your users will have more freedom and will be able to pay for planned consultations more securely through the app with the help of secure online payment gateways for telemedicine portal like Stripe, Paypal, Klarna, etc.

  • Easy Booking Process

In an ideal world, scheduling doctor appointments should be as simple as visiting a website or downloading an app. The patient should have little trouble finding available appointment times and dates once they’ve decided on a doctor. The more straightforward the booking process is, the better.

  • Directions

When there are several sites, directions are crucial. Patients may discover the closest clinic and directions to get there with ease when provided directions are available in your app. Directions remove the uncertainty associated with medical visits when combined with business hours and contact information.

  • ePrescriptions

Software used to arrange doctor appointments ought to allow doctors to directly prescribe necessary medications and include receipts in the app. The patient can then order their medicines from a nearby drugstore or another location of their choice.

  • Medical Records

Always be open and honest with your patients, letting them know how their therapies are going and giving them access to their test results. Even better, allow them to upload scans so they may give their doctors access to them.

  • EHR

Electronic Health Record systems must be integrated into the creation of your doctor appointment scheduling system. Physicians can view patient records online thanks to this function. Additionally, it boosts medical professionals’ output and enables hospitals and practitioners to provide safer prescriptions.

  • Notifications & Alerts

Here is a general principle. If you’re planning to create an app for scheduling hospital appointments, you should think about including notifications and reminders to cut down on vacant time slots. Prior to appointments, they can be sent to patients to confirm in-office visits, reducing missed appointments.

  • Telemedicine

For the treatment of patients who reside in rural locations, take into account integrating telemedicine functionality. The development of the medical appointment booking app must have the capability of conducting online consultations via built-in chat or video calling. More people who are unable to visit the healthcare facility for any reason will still be able to receive your services. 

Additionally, WebRTC and VidRTC technologies, which are useful for supporting online meetings with EHR integration and are fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant, can be used as the foundation for video conferencing solutions.

  • Reviews

Patients can offer feedback and assist others in reviewing recommendations through the rating system in the appointment scheduling software for the clinic. This app feature can help other patients in selecting an appropriate clinic or medical practice experience regarding this by indicating dependability and legality.

  • Calendar

An app for managing doctor appointments should have at its core simple online and offline booking features that always function as intended. You ought to have a fully functional calendar and appointment status features

  • Supported Live chat

Patients can expect the feature of in-app chat. Doctors must be accessible via HD video platforms with chat support and round-the-clock assistance

  • Search Option

Patients can find it challenging to navigate through all those profiles if they have a large database. A search option can be useful in this situation. Patients can select the profiles based on a variety of criteria, including locations, doctor ratings, and desired therapies.

  • Medical Advice

Patients will trust your application more if this option is enabled. As a result, individuals can examine the test data that their doctors have uploaded and observe how their treatment is progressing.

  • In-App Prescription And Medicine Tracking

Your app has to feature in-app tracking for the prescriptions and drugs that patients receive from their consultation doctors so that they can keep tabs on their telepharmacies and the doctors who prescribed them.

  • Security Of Medical Records

Additionally, the app needs to be HIPAA compliant to protect the patient and their health data, which may then be shared with their consulting doctor to enhance or receive additional treatment.

The Cost Of Virtual Consultation App Development

Virtual Consultation App Development Cost

The price of developing a mobile app for doctor appointment apps can differ depending on several factors including which doctor appointment app development company you hire. However, here are a few main ones to name,

  1. Features count
  2. Third-party API integrations 
  3. Team make-up
  4. Due dates
  5. Tech stack, etc.

When you consider how many people are expected to use a medical appointment app in the upcoming months and years, the expense of producing one is insignificant. You will fall behind if you neglect to do this, you can look up the top telehealth trends if you have any doubts.

But, if you use the advice we’ve provided, you can reduce some of the associated expenditures. You’ll have a tool that should enable your mhealth app adventures to generate ROIs you probably never imagined were achievable. 

You won’t ever regret investing the time and money into developing an app for online doctor appointments. However; there are particular phases of building telemedicine-related software, which you can easily look at from telehealth implementation barriers.

Final Thoughts!

After reading this post, if you have any queries about how to design a virtual consultation app development, we can help you choose the appropriate model for your solution. We understand the primary issue, dangers, and goals of this market because we have experience developing healthcare applications of all levels and complexity, and we are prepared to share our technological expertise with you especially related to implementing telehealth in rural areas.