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Apple Event 2020: Health Developments in Apple Watch

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    Posted in Healthcare Management

    Last Updated | September 30, 2021

    In its event held last week, Apple announced some major breakthroughs and innovations in its Apple Watch product launch with healthcare at its epicentre. The announcements come during the peak of a global pandemic in which the conversation about health and technology has accelerated. According to Apple, the features launched in these products will particularly focus on helping people in achieving health-related aims and objectives of their lifestyle. The event showed how Apple Watch keeps people healthy, even saving their lives by alerting them to heart problems.

    Digital Health-care providers, insurance companies and businesses are also seeing the benefits of offering Apple Watch,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the event. “They know it can make a big difference in the lives of their patients, customers and employees.”

    Health Developments Introduced in Apple Watch

    In Apple Watch 6, the company has announced that the product will include a new sensor which will help in detecting oxygen levels, also known as pulse oximeter. This, as per the company, will provide crucial information related to the health of the user. In addition to this, Apple’s executive Sumbul Desai presented a new research study carried out by the Seattle Flu Study and University of Washington which examines the relationship between blood oxygen, heart rate and COVID-19 virus. You can take a look at other features introduced in Apple Watch from the video provided below:

    Another important area that needs to be outlined here as well is that unlike other products, Apple will not charge consumers or companies for its health offerings other than the cost of Apple Watches which ranges between $400 to $1500. The company intends to utilize the data collected by researchers and drug companies that use Apple Watches in clinical trials.

    What’s most surprising is that the Apple Watch can be used for medical purposes, since it shares basic information about a person’s health. Also, the UX medical devices and medical wearables are pretty simple, which will ease the adoption.

    Apple Fitness Plus

    Keeping in mind that the key focus of Apple in this year’s event was on the healthcare, the company launched its long-rumoured health and workout service; Apple Fitness Plus. It is a collection of workouts that you can tune into on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. The key feature of Fitness Plus is providing users with the flexibility of choosing their workout as per their schedule. Along with this, Fitness Plus also provides each pre-recorded video a specific workout type, music, time and trainer, so you’re able to select whichever you’re in the mood for, aping gym class schedules and giving you the choice of workouts on the go.

    apple watch event

    However, it works only with Apple Watch, so subscribers can see their key workout metrics on whichever screen they’re using.

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