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The Rise & Benefits of Women’s Health Apps | Complete Guide for Women’s HCPs

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    Posted in Women's Health

    Last Updated | October 17, 2023

    The Rise & Benefits of Women’s Health Apps

    Women's Health Apps

    Women nowadays are taking the lead everywhere. She strives to succeed in her family and job while maintaining a healthy balance between the two. She handles everything from looking after the elderly and young members of her family to making sure they eat appropriately, paying the bills, keeping up with deadlines at work, and dealing with clients.

    As a result, women are now having digital health dialogues and using women’s health apps to find online information and assistance. About 11 million searches for intimate wellness have been made each month so far this year, and Femtech companies have stepped up to the plate with the best women’s health tracker app.

    What is Femtech?

    Femtech, short for Female Technology, refers to all products, and services, develop a healthcare app and software designed to leverage cutting-edge technology to improve the health of women. Women’s health issues are becoming more prevalent, which has opened the door for the technologically advanced best app for women’s health solutions like pregnancy tracking apps and period tracker apps.

    Femtech is hardly a niche market, and it now encompasses far more than a handful of businesses developing the top relationship-focused dating applications and breast pumps. With platforms that offer assistance on women’s issues such as diet, intimacy, and finance via a female viewpoint, as well as fertility, menstruation, and menopause by offering the best possible medical app development cost; it is introducing the best women’s health tracker app
    as well.

    Women’s Health Apps And their Importance for Women’s Health

    Women’s Health Apps And their Importance for Women's Health

    To slightly ease women’s lives, female technology has been created. It encompasses all facets of a woman’s life, from menopause and period tracking and dating applications to platforms that discuss motherhood, professional development, and emotional and physical toughness. Yet, the technology that focuses on women’s health apps has the greatest potential to benefit women.

    Health apps, gadgets, and services have the potential to lower healthcare costs, increase accessibility, offer customized treatment plans, and raise standards of care. In contrast to current healthcare systems and services, digital healthcare apps recognize that the manner in which care is provided may unintentionally prejudice some groups and it aims to change this from the ground up while developing the best app for women’s health.

    Technology is starting to provide answers and services that a doctor’s office can’t, such as respect for busy schedules, direct access to experts, and second opinions. Long waitlists, healthcare bias, and discrimination make it even harder for female patients to be seen and obtain the right care. For women balancing household duties and shift work, there is little time to schedule in-person healthcare visits; but there are apps for women’s health that includes a telemedicine platform that specializes in women’s health. The best part about such apps is that it benefits both female patients and healthcare providers with their feature-rich list of secure messaging and video conferencing capabilities; virtual consultations, and appointments with gynecologists, obstetricians, and other women’s health specialists; access to medical records; prescription management and online ordering of medications; reminders and alerts for upcoming appointments and medication refills; integration with other healthcare apps and wearables to track and monitor patient health data; resources and educational materials on women’s health topics.

    For women balancing household duties and shift work, there is little time to schedule in-person healthcare visits; but there is an app women’s health and medical needs they want. The phenomenal expansion of the digital healthcare mobile app development company  offers several opportunities for health tech providers to interact directly with communities and marginalized groups in order to eliminate health inequities and deliver unbiased care by developing the best app for women’s health.

    The Rise of Digital Health Apps for Women | Detailed

    A staggering $1 billion has been spent in Femtech by venture capital firms over the past five years.

    There are potentially excellent investment opportunities when taking into account Covid-19’s possible effects on the Femtech sector. The situation can be reversed by entrepreneurs, who can create original apps that improve the health of women. Here are some numbers and facts demonstrating the advantages of investing in Femtech:

    1. Women’s health initiatives were vigorously negotiated in 2019, claims Global Healthcare Report. This increased funding by 246% according to female health organizations. Deals grew by 25% in 2019 from 2018.
    2. Since 2019, there has been significant funding for the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare.
    3. Femtech Insights estimates that as of June 2021, there are more than 1,500 FemTech enterprises with a combined investment of USD 16 billion.
    4. Women paid 80% of the cost of healthcare for their families. It implied a sought-after market niche in the healthcare sector.
    5. By the year 2027, Statista projects that the global market for Femtech goods and services would increase by more than USD 60 billion.

    The Top Kinds Women’s Health Apps

    Period Tracking Apps for Women’s Health

    One of the finest health apps for women is a period tracker. These women’s health applications let users track their cycles and gauge their fertility by producing accurate information depending on the information they enter.

    Pregnancy Apps for Expectant Mothers

    Women who are pregnant can get assistance from mobile apps for tracking their pregnancies. A pregnant app assists in monitoring physical changes and offers guidance on what is and isn’t normal for a certain period.

    Menopause Apps for Women’s Health

    These apps can assist in determining which women with menopausal symptoms qualify for pharmacologic treatment and the best course of action.

    Mental Health Apps for Women

    These portable tools are made to assist users in better controlling their emotions, limiting unpleasant thoughts, expressing their emotions, and even averting thoughts of self-harm and suicide.

    Benefits of Digital Health Apps for Women’s Physical, Emotional, And Mental Health


    There is no limit to the convenience that a women’s health tracker app can offer. They enable women’s independence while forbidding any careless behavior when it comes to their health.

    1. Allows Women to Keep Records and Better Manage Their Health

    Apps for tracking women’s health give greater information about menstrual cycles, ovulation, and general bodily health by using women’s health workouts app, tracking moods, reminding women to take birth control tablets, and much more. This provides women with more ability to understand their health, make wise decisions, reduce the likelihood of unintended pregnancies, and even help them in their pregnancy stages.

    2. Higher Accessibility Rate to Healthcare from the Comfort of their Homes

    Hospitals, doctors, and patients place a lot of importance on virtual monitoring and therapy, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Hence, tech-savvy mobile health monitoring applications are in demand like the best calorie counter app for women’s health, allowing women to virtually access healthcare solutions on the go and from their homes, even in rural areas.

    3. Respects Women’s Privacy and Safeguard their Information

    Information about your health is inaccessible to others unless you put it on social media. Nobody else can track and benefit from it, whether you have lower cardiac analysis scores on a fitness app or the digital fertility tracker indicates that it is time for you to cycle.

    Women value this freedom to use the app in complete secrecy in particular. Women’s health trackers are breaking records every day because they are so well-liked and adaptable.

    4. Monitors Potential Illnesses and Infections

    Women’s health apps allow women to quickly evaluate and address their health issues because it collects real-time data. Also, there are applications for women’s health monitoring on the market that concentrate on the particular primary ailments to which women are predisposed.

    Take breast cancer as an example. According to a market survey, 1 in 8 women (13%) in the US have a lifetime risk of acquiring invasive breast cancer. Apps like Breast Cancer Healthline, which enable patients to receive guidance, access recent news and research, and connect with others who understand, serve as a constant reminder that they are not alone in their struggle.

    Now let’s look at the most popular women’s health apps within the four most popular kinds.

    Period Tracker Apps For Women

    The Edges Period Tracker App Offers To Women

    An app can help you keep track of your ovulation, mood swings, and any physical changes you might feel throughout your cycle in addition to counting down the days until your period. The fact that your period is a cycle that lasts the full month rather than just a few days each month is taken into account by an app. Thus, it aids in keeping track of the entire menstrual cycle.


    1. Allows women to have more control over their health.
    2. Helps in mapping contraceptives for use and fertility.
    3. Promotes mood regulation.
    4. And an excellent way to receive health-related information.

    Such knowledge is beneficial to both women who desire to become pregnant and those who wish to prevent unintended pregnancies. In the women’s health app development market, the most popular applications are those that track periods and fertility.

    Pregnancy Apps for Expectant Women

    You have the freedom and convenience to monitor everything about the well-being and health of your unborn child thanks to pregnancy apps.

    A pregnant app may help to take the guessing from your most pressing inquiries and concerns, from doctor checkups and fetal growth to tracking your contractions on the big day.


    1. Pregnancy applications were primarily used to access data on fetal growth and pregnancy health.
    2. Women also frequently requested social media features, Web-based tools, and data storage capacity in their favorite apps.
    3. The tight adherence to HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Mobile App regulation in an area that is controlled by businesses is a notable contribution of the health app industry, making it safer for users for the veracity of the information being displayed.
    4. Both consumers and health experts agree that if given the option, they would prefer to utilize pregnant applications that are pertinent to their local healthcare setting and originate from a reliable source.

    When you’re pregnant, there are a lot of things you can anticipate, and an app can handle them all. Glow Nurture and Sprout are examples.

    Menopause Apps For Women

    Menopause can be an isolating experience. During this normal yet demanding moment in their lives, many women experience the feeling that they lack a connection or a relatable person. The menopause applications want to alter how and where women can give and receive information.


    1. By assisting them in creating healthy lifestyle practices that give them back control, women become more empowered during perimenopause and menopause.
    2. The cost of cognitive behavioral therapy for women is waived.
    3. Women get a personalized macronutrient plan for diet shifts.
    4. Women receive the community’s recognition and understanding.

    Digital women’s health apps must exhibit empathy and a human side in addition to addressing the long-term health benefits linked to menopause symptoms to be effective and increase engagement. A few popular apps for menopausal women are Perry, Balance, and Peanut.

    Mental Health Apps For Women’s Emotional Wellbeing

    Several new applications addressing mental health issues are currently flooding the market, some of which are specifically targeted at the needs of women.

    Women-specific mental health applications are created to support their emotional well-being, increase mindfulness, and treat prevalent mental health disorders. Users of some mental health applications can obtain psychiatric treatment or online talk therapy. Others could assist you with starting a meditation routine, managing your stress and anxiety, or getting better sleep. Tia, Clementine, and Shine are a few to name.


    1. They are a great substitution for private hypnotherapy.
    2. They provide a special online safe area where people may connect and maintain their composure.
    3. They emphasize personal development by disseminating text and audio on many self-improvement subjects.
    4. They offer individualized services as opposed to a one-size-fits-all strategy.

    Closing Thoughts – Women’s Health Apps

    The women’s health tracking applications deal with contemporary health concerns for women.
    You now have access to crucial knowledge regarding how women’s health apps are altering
    how individuals, particularly women, play games that track their health.

    We sincerely hope you find it useful. Connect with our experts, if you have any questions
    concerning the various Healthcare Mobile App Solutions.

    FAQs: Women’s Health Apps

    What is women’s digital health?

    Women’s digital health or Femtech refers to the actions made by researchers and industry participants, including technical solutions like mobile apps, software, wearables, and diagnostic tools that are specifically designed to help improve the health and wellness of women.

    How many Women use digital health apps?

    It is quite challenging to get precise data on the number of women who use a digital health app. Yet, various studies indicate that the global addressable market for digital women’s health solutions is one of the greatest in the field of digital healthcare. By the end of 2023, 3.2 billion women had mobile devices that could access digital women’s health solutions.

    What are the benefits of digital health?

    Here are a few benefits of using digital health:

    1. Healthcare that is sustainable and responsive
    2. Better prevention of diseases before treatment
    3. Redesigns the relationship between the patient and the doctor
    4. Increasing the impact of the healthcare personnel
    5. Increases access to medical needs.
    6. Reduces the medical expenses
    7. Improves the quality of the medical needs
    8. Improve patient care through personalizing medicine