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Hipaa Compliant Telemedicine Platform Service

Folio3 delivers innovative and comprehensive telemedicine services addressing all health care concerns.

In the present world, there is a growing need for telemedicine services. This enables to diagnose and treat patients instantly over long distance and has transformed the way doctors serve their patients. In this regard, an ideal hipaa compliant telemedicine platform must be rich in features and cost-effectiveness and seamlessly integrate voice, video and data, while providing utmost security. To be able to leverage the benefits of an integrated telemedicine solution, it is essential to choose a telemedicine service development company with the apt knowledge and technological expertise.

Why Folio3

Our Telemedicine Expertise

Enable successful telemedicine solutions with help of Folio3 experts!

As a trusted tech partner in the Silicon Valley, Folio3 specializes in delivering cost-effective and expert hipaa compliant telemedicine platform to healthcare provider. Our success rate can be attributed to the number of years we have dedicated to perfecting our healthcare expertise.

Remote Patient Triage

Our expertise in telemedicine solutions allow remote physicians to examine the patient with the help of on-site triage nurses and can order tests or prescribe medications.

Continuum of Care

Hipaa Compliant Telemedicine solutions developed by Folio3 tend to improve patient engagement and interaction across the continuum of care from pre-admission to post-discharge.

Healthcare Journey

With years of experience in developing hipaa compliant telemedicine platform, Folio3 understands each step of the healthcare journey by fostering sustained engagement anywhere, anytime.

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