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HipLink (formerly Semotus Solutions) is a privately held company that provides text and voice based wireless alert management solutions for emergency response, alarm management, mass notification and business continuity. The company’s flagship product is a wireless alerting platform that pushes out alerts via multiple channels (Pager, SMS, Email, Voicemail etc.) on all major cellular networks in the US, based on events generated by monitoring systems (typically indicating equipment failure or warnings).

The Problem & The Folio3

HipLink wanted to reduce its software development costs, so it could focus its resources more on sales and marketing, product strategy and onsite customer support. With an established customer base of hundreds of clients, the company was looking for an offshore development partner it could rely on to deliver new versions of its core products and customized solutions for its customers.

HipLink chose Folio3 as its development partner due to Folio3’s experience in developing digital health solutions, expertise in health enterprise systems and reputation for delivering high quality healthcare solutions.

After analyzing the requirements Folio3 assigned a dedicated development team to HipLink comprising 20 full time resources. This team worked on an aggressive timescale to develop two key systems for HipLink, which together are the driving force behind HipLink’s entire solution suite. These two systems include:

The Hiplink Enterprise Server

An enterprise class web based messaging platform that provides real time message delivery and two-way communication capability across multiple devices, through a variety of communication protocols and is available in onsite, hosted or hybrid deployment models.

The Hiplink Enterprise Mobile
Notification Solution

An enterprise digital healthcare solution available for multiple platforms that uses a series of different solutions to provide private inbox support, persistent alerts, encrypted messages, two way messaging, remote administration, enterprise paging protocols, query status and response action execution.
The above solutions were designed and developed entirely by Folio3, based on the requirements provided by HipLink. Folio3 provided the initial technology selection as well as the product and application architecture designs. Based on these designs numerous prototypes of the applications were created, until an optimal solution was realized. Throughout this process the Folio3 team worked closely with HipLink, to collect user feedback and modify the designs and prototypes accordingly.
As a result, HipLink continues to be a strong and viable partner of Folio3 with the relationship now in its seventh year.

Healthcare Integrations Done For Hiplink

In addition to this, Folio3 has also worked extensively in delivering healthcare integrations for the alert management platform. These integrations have mainly been carried out with EMR/EHR systems such as Epic with HL7. Some of these projects include:



The Folio3 team initially used the traditional waterfall model for development (with detailed specification documents for both the technical and functional design) and Microsoft Project as the project management tool. After the first year however the team switched to Agile Development as the development methodology and now uses Target Process as the project management tool.

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