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Health and safety compliance with evolving regulations is critical for healthcare organizations. It ensures that your organization adheres to relevant compliance guidelines and regulations and avoids violation cases and the costs involved in resolving them. Folio3 offers the best custom healthcare regulation, compliance, and quality management solutions and services, which minimize your healthcare costs, optimize your healthcare quality, and save you from fraud and violations.

Solve your Healthcare Challenges with the best features
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Audits &

Conduct audits and inspections with digital forms.


Automate recurring maintenance and inspection tasks.


Use smartphones and tablets to conduct audits and inspections.


Prevent critical issues with real-time alerts even before they arise.


Conduct audits and inspections with digital forms.


Automate recurring maintenance and inspection tasks.


Use smartphones and tablets to conduct audits and inspections.


Prevent critical issues with real-time alerts even before they arise.

HL7, HIPAA Compliance
Security & Privacy

Stringent security is essential for compliance with nearly all regulatory standards and bodies. We protect confidential PHI from impermissible disclosures and uses, and provide you with the security needed for HL7 compliance, and compliance with HIPAA regulations and standards.

Assessment and Consulting

Managing healthcare compliance on your own is a task in itself. Let our experienced compliance consultants assess your current compliance strategy and discuss any issues or challenges you may be facing. Our healthcare compliance consultants leverage their expertise to help you discover and build perfect health and safety compliance solutions tailor-made for you.
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We enable you to hire healthcare mobile app developers and web app developers of the highest caliber. Let our dedicated teams of experts and professionals fill in the gaps in your employee skillset with a cost-effective team-based engagement.

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We are known as the best healthcare mobile app development company not only because we develop effective solutions that cater perfectly to your needs but also because we work within your budget and develop at a reasonable cost.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare compliance is a process of adhering by all rules, regulations, and laws set by various regulatory bodies. These bodies work hand in hand to ensure the smooth running of the healthcare system. Regulatory bodies, such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and The Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), are responsible for protecting patient privacy. In contrast, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for ensuring a safe working environment for all healthcare professionals and also the general public.

Compliance in healthcare allows all the rules. Regulations and laws set by the federal and state law to be implemented. This helps to prevent any fraud, abuse, waste, etc. in the healthcare system. It safeguards the rights of patients and as well as healthcare professionals. Compliance software allows the facility’s adherence to laws and ethics to be demonstrated for inspection. If any facility does not adhere to these rules and regulations, they will face serious consequences, such as fines or cancellation of licenses or imprisonment.

Compliance is mandatory for all healthcare facilities and workers for the safety of their patients, and also for their safety. If it is not followed, the government would take strict actions against such people. The severity of the punishment depends upon the weight of the non-adherence of the laws.

Compliance software is a software that helps in workplace automation. It helps to save up on time by carrying out repetitive, manual tasks, freeing workers from the monotony. This allows workers to utilize the time saved into focusing on other higher-level activities.

A compliance software helps in the automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. It also helps in the efficient and smooth running of a business or facility. Users can access everything in one place and get real-time notifications regarding tasks.

Protecting patients is just as important as treating patients. Lack of compliance would cost a facility too much; hence compliance officers are hired by various healthcare facilities to monitor the compliance of the facility. Treating and dealing with patients can never be a nine to five job; it requires twenty-four hours to deal with them. Thus, you have to ensure that your facility is running smoothly and in compliance with the laws and regulations set by the regulatory authorities. Hence, it is safe to say that there are numerous job opportunities for healthcare compliance officers.

It would be a very hectic job for a doctor or nurse to treat patients and as well as look after the compliance of the facility. For this reason, healthcare compliance companies are often hired to serve as a helping hand. The compliance officers work as a team to ensure the smooth running of the organization. The compliance officers’ team comprises of:

Compliance Manager/Officer: trains the staff with all the essential practices to help ensure the facility is compliant with all the laws. He takes the lead in developing and overseeing an organization’s compliance program.

Compliance Analyst: monitors data and prepares detailed reports regarding the compliance activities of the facility

Compliance Auditor: a reviewer, monitor, and in some organizations, the first one to determine whether the facility is compliant with all the laws.