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Being the entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, Folio3 has years of experience in medical software development for startups, practices and enterprises. We enable them to maximize the effectiveness of digital health, while simultaneously allowing them to maintain regulatory compliance.


Folio3 expertise in the integration of different medical software and wearable devices such as Fitbit, Apple Watch and Google Fit allow us with the capability to provide a holistic view of the data, whether it is optimal brain health or preventive health components.


We take an agile approach to the app development process that allow maximum flexibility. From idea visualization to product specifications and system requirements to the UX design; every step is taken towards meeting healthcare app development objectives set forth by our clients.


Customized, Robust & User-Friendly

We have successfully delivered patient care solutions in all these areas.


Brain Health

Folio3 help build powerful technology solutions that provide neural analytics to treat some of the most complex neuro degenerative medical conditions.


Care Plan Solutions

From diagnosis to treatment options, the solutions we have designed are equipped to help diagnose, prevent and treat patients.


Fitness & Tracking

With inbuilt insights and analytics tools: track health data, meet fitness challenges and promote healthy behaviors.


Wearable Integration

Manage and share health and wellness data across devices and apps such as Apple Watch, Fitbit and smart glasses.


Child Health

We design & build digital health platforms helping parents, caregivers, teachers and other stakeholders to achieve their child’s health goals.


Women Health

Solutions that incorporate all clinical verticals and horizontals pertaining to women's health that focus on improving health outcomes.


Beauty & Skin Care

Enhance innovative skin product efficacy in cosmetic and dermato-cosmetic fields with advanced solutions.


Health & Wellness

We employ applicable standards, frameworks and our best practices to develop health and wellness solutions to ensure disease prevention.

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The NEURO Plan

Comprehensive and personalized digital health solution to improve and optimize brain health and cognitive performance by evaluating patient brain health and creating daily goals for brain health improvement.

eCare Vault

Innovative individualized cloud-based platform that supports learning and care coordination by collaborating with parents, specialists, teachers and HIPAA security experts.


A well designed yet highly customizable practice management tool for aestheticians and their team.


Neuro-robotic portable arm brace developed using android companion apps that enables individuals to self-initiate and control movement of partially-paralyzed limbs using their own biological signals.


Secure, wireless alert management digital health solution that provides text and voice based wireless alert management solutions for emergency response, alarm management, mass notification and business continuity.


An iPad application was developed for training purposes that guides interviewers through the process of conducting an effective clinical trial interview.

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