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Managing a medical billing software requires administrative, financial, regulatory and technological tasks of varying complexities to be carried out daily. Moreover, physicians and office staff also must ensure that the patients keep getting the best possible care. A healthcare CRM equipped with features such as appointment scheduling and medical billing software allow clinicians to run their operations efficiently.

With the expertise to design and build clinic solutions, Folio3 enable healthcare practices enhance their efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Why Folio3

Practice Management and Healthcare CRM Expertise

Track, streamline and optimize your healthcare CRM processes with the most innovative solutions!


We help develop medical CRMs to streamline various areas of practice management through well-defined workflows, centralized client recordkeeping and integrated lead management system with website. 

Robust & Optimal

Regardless of the size of your practice, we help develop and deliver practice management solutions equipped with robust digital infrastructure to scale and facilitate the care operations. 


Our expertise in practice management help provide 360-degrees of treatment planning services to clinics – from appointment to procedures & follow up check ins to integrated payment module

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The NEURO Plan

Comprehensive and personalized digital health solution to improve and optimize brain health and cognitive performance by evaluating patient brain health and creating daily goals for brain health improvement.

eCare Vault

Innovative individualized cloud-based platform that supports learning and care coordination by collaborating with parents, specialists, teachers and HIPAA security experts.


A well designed yet highly customizable practice management tool for aestheticians and their team.


Neuro-robotic portable arm brace developed using android companion apps that enables individuals to self-initiate and control movement of partially-paralyzed limbs using their own biological signals.


Secure, wireless alert management digital health solution that provides text and voice based wireless alert management solutions for emergency response, alarm management, mass notification and business continuity.


An iPad application was developed for training purposes that guides interviewers through the process of conducting an effective clinical trial interview.

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