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Understanding Digital Health with Hina Imran

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    Posted in Interviews

    Last Updated | September 15, 2022


    Professional in project management with over ten years of experience working in dynamic, quick-paced environments. advanced understanding of project management, azure DevOps, agile techniques, and data analysis; the person we’ve interviewed is Hina Imran, a Healthcare Consultant, Project Manager, Operational Lead, and/or Healthcare Management Consultant. 

    She is proficient in organizing various teams and resources to accomplish goals. A young career-focused soul, with a proactive and diligent attitude. She is pivotal in excellent leadership, management, and planning abilities required to finish challenging projects on schedule and within budget. 

    Along with the aforementioned expertise she also possesses extensive expertise in the healthcare field and is an expert in project management, EHR, the formulation of healthcare policies, the management of donor-funded initiatives, collaboration with public and private partners, healthcare operations, and healthcare administration. Successfully implemented a variety of large- and small-scale projects, strategic initiatives, and relationship-building projects.

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    Interview Discussion

    Let’s get into the Q&A session with her where she explains what she has to say about her experiences and the problems she had to face while working in the industry.

    How did you start your journey as a healthcare consultant, and what made you change from a role you played as a research associate to a healthcare consultant at The Shams Group?

    After graduation, I joined as an intern in a healthcare NGO which enhanced my understanding of the healthcare field and broadened my perspective on choosing a specialized area. I have started my work in different areas such as health education, health care problems research and development, health facility management, quality assurance, etc. This made me groomed in a way that I could opt for any expertise in health care consulting and project management.

    What are the daily responsibilities of a healthcare consultant and how do you organize, plan, and prioritize your work?

    My current responsibilities include but are not limited to finalizing specifications/requirements for a project, and planning, executing, and monitoring a project. My work is to prioritize and organize based on client priorities and requirements

    How do you think Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other new technologies have improved public health and all Policies initiative?

    EHR implementation is giving a new turn to the healthcare industry. Forming a repository and system for collecting /managing health care info. The health information gathered helps in analyzing the increasing health concern trend and provides ways to address the issue on a timely basis and take a preventive approach.

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    What challenges do you feel are notable when deploying a health care system?

    Any system implementation comes up with its own unique challenges, which could range from technical to programmatic challenges. However, identifying risks and challenges well before time based on experience and current project situation can help to mitigate them well on time.

    Share an experience when you applied new technology or information in your job. How did it help your company?

    There are many instances when new technology is introduced due to project/client requirements. It is always advised to research the new technology in general and its use specific to your company. Through detailed research and planning, implementation becomes smooth and it aids in positive outcomes

    Are there any resources/websites and certifications or skills that you can recommend for healthcare workers to stay up to date with the industry?

    It depends on the field of work and interest. For managing health care projects, it is important to gain knowledge of project management concepts for which PMP is recommended. If you would like to work in quality assurance then six sigma would be best suited. However, my belief is that theory can only be useful when it is practically implemented.

    Key Takeaways

    On this note, we would like to thank Ms. Hina for taking out time for this session from her busy schedule. We grasped that digitization in the Healthcare industry is an essential need in this era in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of all operations. Incorporation and implementation of new tools and different technologies in your system would formalize all the tasks and records for the future. 

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    Hope you found this brief session with Ms. Hina Imran informative. For further queries on our services feel free to contact team Folio3.