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    As one of the leading digital health service companies in the US offering premium digital health services, we are proud to offer some of the most advanced and innovative mental healthcare application and software development services.


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    High Quality Therapy Notes

    Capture all the data you need in your notes and maintain consistent documentation

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    Client Portal

    Give clients a secure way to make payments, sign documents, and schedule appointments—all in the best

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    Mobile App

    Access important notes and a comprehensive data anytime for faster assessment and planning.

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    Motivational Triggers

    Small rewards and tokens of appreciation in the form of stickers, coins, badges, or other gamification elements,

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    Hassle-free scheduling

    Pick your date, time slot and set up sessions by service type to start. You can assign observers

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    Self-monitoring has a positive impact on the user when it is integrated well into a mental health

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    Features Offered By the Best Mental Health App

    As a leading mental health app development service provider, we provide custom mental health app development solutions and services for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and mental health organizations.

    For Patient


    Mental health Assessment

    Daily check-ins


    AI/ML ChatBot

    Content Management (Article,Audio,Video)

    Telemedicine - In App Human Support

    Relief Tools



    Emergency Support

    Self Monitoring

    Daily Diary

    For Therapist/Admin

    Patient Detail/Management


    Content Management

    Recommendation Engine

    Calendar View


    AI/ML ChatBot

    Statistics Graphs etc

    Dashboard for Therapist

    EMR Integration

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    St.Michael’s Hospital
    Ecare Vault
    Case Study


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    The Brain Initiative LLC is led by a dynamic team of Drs. Dean & Ayesha Sherzai, are world-renowned neurologists, who are Co-Directors of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

    They needed a solution for people to improve brain health and reduce their chances of Alzheimer’s or Dementia drastically. Folio3 developed an application that enables users to implement lifestyle changes in their daily lives to heal and improve brain health, thereby reducing the risk of brain illnesses, Alzheimer’s, etc., later in life.

    Case Study


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    Thrive is an application for Apple watch that is customizable in order to reinforce positive behavior, regulate emotions, and keep guardians updated regarding their child’s safety.

    They wanted an application that could cater to the unique needs of autistic people. Folio3 developed a solution that fulfilled all the requirements requested by Thrive resulting in the formation of interactive, digital, therapeutic tools and resources that are tailored to address the unique needs of individuals with autism.

    Case Study


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    Aigenics works on developing unique and innovative solutions to revolutionize healthcare delivery through Artificial Intelligence.

    They wanted to provide a specialized platform for mental health that offers digital therapies through different methods and also provides a safe and secure environment. Folio3 developed a solution that allows Users to perform self-meditation and attempt therapies designed by the professional through their phones.

    Case Study

    St.Michael's Hospital

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    St. Michael’s is a research hospital that works as Toronto’s adult trauma center. This hospital is a hub of treatment for multiple diseases and illnesses. 

    They wanted to cater to the mental health of women suffering from endometriosis which puts them in trauma and could be provided with different coping mechanisms. Folio3 designed a mobile-based solution that fit the healthcare needs of women suffering from endometriosis by identifying their personas.

    Case Study

    Ecare Vault

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    Ecare Vault provides individualized care coordination for one patient at a time through a portal, ensuring a safe environment. It allows parents, educators, and healthcare providers can safely manage children’s education and healthcare needs.

    They needed a team that would back their team to design and develop a platform that understands the fundamental needs and requirements of the clients. Folio3 developed a solution which was a HIPAA compliant web portal that fulfilled all their requirements.

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