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What’s The Challenge & Can it be Overcome?

Constantly evolving regulations make it challenging for medical device manufacturers to bring new innovations to the market. The many challenges include delays in time-to-market, costs of quality control and recalls, delays in communication and collaboration, and even declining efficiency across product lifecycles. The fact is that companies are hesitant to innovate because regulations tomorrow may be different from those today and there is a dire need for a solution that offers interoperability and takes care of the regulations at the same time.

The good news is that these challenges can be easily overcome with our HIPAA-compliant medical device integration solutions. Our solutions are compliant with all major medical regulatory authorities and we ensure that you never have to worry about changing standards. We enable you to choose and customize an integration solution that evolves with the regulations that apply to you.

Regulation Requirements

Regulations keep evolving and healthcare organizations just have to learn to keep up with them while managing the risk factor for patients, hospitals as well as the device company, all at the same time.

Manual Paperwork

Healthcare organizations are still using paper for patient records and data collection. This makes the data prone to human error. It is also difficult to store heaps of paper and also look for the right paperwork for audits.

Demand for Improving Patient Outcomes

As time goes by, the demand for improving patient outcomes is only going to increase, and it is already increasing at an accelerated rate. Patients and regulatory agencies are treating lack of machine maintenance and lack of visibility into why a medical device may have broken down very seriously.

Rising Need to Connect Medical Devices (IoMT)

The ever-increasing regulations and demand for improved patient outcomes necessitate a need to connect medical devices and keep an automated check on them for regulatory purposes. It is also in the best interest of patient health.


Following feature set will be available for end user:


Seamless integration and data management with multiple devices such as vital signs monitor, blood pressure monitor and blood glucose device.


The solution allows auto and manual measurement of all vital metrics such as heart rate, blood sugar level and others for patient well-being.

Symptom Tracker

With this solution symptoms related to healthcare problems like hypertension, hypo and hyperglycemia and even other slight changes in heart rate and blood pressure.


Get access to updated trends and analyze patterns related to vital body metrics and take necessary steps for healthy well-being.


You can also take a look at your historical trends and changes in vital body metrics taking place on a weekly as well as on a monthly basis.


Share your vital metrics and their changes with your healthcare provider fulfilling all HIPAA compliant requirements.

Reminders and Notifications

Stay alert with reminders and notifications about different activities to ensure optimal levels of vital body metrics.

Driving Innovation While Maintaining Compliance

At Folio3, we offer a wide range of customized medical device integrations and help you leverage them to maximize your patient health outcomes. Our compliant solutions and total visibility enable you to connect your medical devices seamlessly with your EHR/EMR systems and ensure that you never have to worry about changes in regulations or visibility into the device functionality. Listed below are some ways that you can achieve total interoperability by leveraging our medical device integration solutions:
seamless integration 1st
Seamless Integration with Multiple Medical Devices
We enable you to seamlessly integrate your EMR and EHR systems with your vitals monitors, smart pumps, pacemakers, and all other medical devices irrespective of the device manufacturer or vendor.
Real-Time Healthcare Data Analytics
With real-time access to relevant data from your medical devices, you can leverage real-time analytics and know exactly what is going on with your device as well as your patient. Data trends also enable you to forecast patient outcomes.
realtime healthcare data ana 2nd
emr ehr int 3rd image
EHR/EMR Integration
Since patient data is only ever going to increase and keep increasing, you need a scalable and adaptable solution. Our integration services ensure that you have continuous access to updated patient data so that your doctors can make informed decisions in real-time.
Streamlined Communication
Our solutions offer maximum interoperability and we constantly innovate to be able to reach the level of total interoperability. We promise to streamline communication and fill in all the gaps with our medical device integration solutions.
Regulatory & Compliance
We ensure perfect compliance and take care of all your regulatory needs by testing and validating whether your medical devices are able to support your clinical workflows while adhering to device integration standards and regulations.

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