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Champion value-based care by taking better and faster decisions with AI healthcare software development.

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On-Time & On-Budget Market Readiness

Our AI healthcare software development company is innovating healthcare practices and improving patient outcomes.

Folio3 is dedicated to helping you achieve greatness on the path toward genome analysis, medical image classification, and predictive analytics and more.

By accepting our companionship in AI and healthcare, we can put you 10x up on the market leadership ladder.

And all of this while sticking to the roadmap, timely delivery, and budget.

Advancing Medicine Through Intelligent AI Solutions

Precisely predict patterns in health data and accelerate medical research with AI healthcare software development.

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AI Solutions in Healthcare: The Next Frontier for Industry Players

We take compliance very seriously and our AI healthcare solutions are designed to meet the highest standards of security and privacy, including HIPAA, FDA, GDPR, HITECH, and DICOM.

Innovating with Health Care and AI to Tackle Industry Challenges

As one of the leading healthcare artificial intelligence companies, we drive value by improving patient care, accelerating medical research, and streamlining administrative tasks, all while ensuring the highest ethical, security, and safety standards.

Combining AI in Healthcare to an Ethical Cause

Folio3 puts ethics first. With a firm belief that AI should be used to take healthcare to newer heights while not harming it in the process. That’s why we put humans in control of AI, with our ‘3-S’ mantra so that patients’ health and lives are never put at risk.


We design AI systems that are safe and reliable to prevent them from making mistakes that could harm people.


Protecting AI systems from cyberattacks and preventing them from being used for malicious purposes.


Enabling humans to override AI decisions and hold them accountable in case something goes south.

The Emerging Healthcare Companies Choose Folio3’s AI

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