Customized Healthcare App & Software Development

At Folio3, we specialize in custom healthcare apps and software development services designed to meet the unique needs of your patients, healthcare providers, clinics & hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, and healthcare startups.

Customized Healthcare
App & Software Development

We specialize in custom healthcare apps and software development services designed to meet the unique needs of your patients, healthcare providers, clinics & hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, and healthcare startups.

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Transforming Healthcare with Innovative Apps and Software

Medical Management Software

Streamline patient data management with powerful Medical Software.

Medical Chatbot

Improve patient engagement with AI chatbot for instant responses.

Practice Management Systems

Simplify administrative tasks with our all-in-one practice management system.

Medical Imaging Software

Enhance diagnostic accuracy with clear and detailed images.

Medical Device Software

Get reliable and safe medical devices with custom software solutions.

Doctor Appointment App

Provide patient with easy scheduling and appointment reminders.

Wearable Integration

Track patient healthcare data with wearable device integration.

Medical Billing Solutions

Simplify your billing and claims process with our medical billing software.

Mental Health and Wellness Solutions

Improve patient outcomes with mental health software.

Telemedicine Apps

Deliver remote care with reliable telemedicine app solutions.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitor patient health remotely with remote patient monitoring software.

EHR/EMR Services

Leverage HER/EMR services to securely manage patient records.

Who We Build Healthcare Apps and Software For?

For Patients

We build user-friendly health apps that empower patients to take control of their health, with tools like symptom trackers, medication intake trackers, mental health support, personal emergency response systems (PERS), and more.

For Healthcare Providers

Our mhealth apps aid healthcare providers in managing electronic health records, conducting remote consultations, viewing and analyzing medical imaging, clinical disease support, medical billing and coding, prescription writing, and practice management.

For Clinics & Hospitals

We develop customizable apps and systems for clinics and hospitals, including doctor appointment apps, clinical assistance apps, scheduling apps, billing apps, electronic health record systems, and supply chain and inventory management platforms.


Our mhealth apps for laboratories offer efficiency, security, and customization, with features like test ordering and result reporting, laboratory information management systems (LIMS), point-of-care testing, remote monitoring, image analysis, and biobanking.


Our mhealth apps enhance pharmacy operations and patient care, providing features like medication refill reminders, electronic prescription management, medication adherence tracking, drug interaction checking, clinical decision support, and prescription benefit checking.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Our healthcare apps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of medical devices, covering device connectivity, maintenance, regulatory compliance, data analytics, cybersecurity, and more for medical device manufacturers.

Medical Insurance Companies

Our healthcare apps cater to medical insurance companies, offering features such as policy viewing, claims submission and tracking, network provider directories, and seamless integration with medical insurance systems in the USA.

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Our Work Aligns with the Industry-Specific Regulations


At the very first stage of the development process, our healthcare software

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We prepare detailed documentation for apps and software facilitating diagnosis,

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We, as a trusted healthcare application development company, develop GDPR-

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Helping healthcare companies worldwide to transform digitally and outgrow others effortlessly.

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Our Healthcare Apps and Software Developers

We have a dedicated team of experts who specialize in developing innovative and intuitive medical apps and software that help healthcare professionals improve patient outcomes. These developers have expertise in the following:

  • Telemedicine app developers,
  • EMR/EHR integration developers,
  • Medical companion app developers
  • Remote patient monitoring developers
  • Appointment app developers and mental health & wellness developers

The Benefits Offered to the Clients include

Cutting-edge technology

Our developers use the latest technologies and programming languages to create medical apps and software that are secure, reliable, and easy to use.

Evidence-based practices

Our developers work closely with our team of medical experts to ensure that all of our solutions are backed by the latest scientific research and evidence-based practices.

User-friendly design

We understand the importance of user engagement, so our developers focus on creating apps and software that are easy to use and navigate.

Customized solutions

We work with a wide range of healthcare organizations and can create customized solutions to meet the specific needs and challenges of each client.

High-quality service

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest quality medical apps and software, as well as the best possible service.

Patient-centered approach

Our developers also develop patient-facing apps that allow individuals to manage their own health and wellness, which helps to improve patient outcomes.


Our developers can help you create cost-effective solution that will help you save costs in the long run.


Our developers can help you create solutions that can easily scale with your business needs, which can help you grow your business over time.

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