COVID-19 Compliance for Business &
Workplace Safety

In these uncertain times, a lot has changed in terms of workplace dynamics. You have to be extra cautious when lives are at stake especially when you are getting ready to return to work in such conditions. It is imperative that you follow the updated safety standards for your industry and specifically CoronaVirus compliance for workplace safety. COVID-19 healthcare compliance will not only give your employees a safe environment, it will increase the level of trust in your employees and motivate them to do better, thereby increasing productivity.

To make it easier, we have COVID-19 readiness checklists ready for you to use in our healthcare compliance management solution. These can help you assess whether you have complied with all the workplace safety SOPs for a safe return to work.


Our COVID-19 Compliance Checklist Features


Access any checklist
and customize it to
your preference

Gain access to all our COVID-19 readiness checklists and other compliance
checklists and be able to customize them entirely according to your
workplace and employees. Use the checklists to gather data about tasks in
every function of your organization.


Automate workplace
safety audits

Assign recurring and non-recurring safety audits and checks with ease
and get real-time information if any of these audits are missed or if
anything goes wrong. Take advantage of automated remedial actions
enforced in case something goes wrong and some items are left
incomplete in a certain checklist.


Get health compliance
violation alerts

COVID-19 healthcare compliance violation alerts give you the ability to
rectify any issue before it's too late and minimizes the effects of a mass
viral breakdown in your employees and staff. Keep safety first as you
identify where the violation took place, what caused it, and what can be
done to fix it.


Upload documents, photo,
& video attachments

Upload all your documentation including any documents containing evidence, photos, or related footage in a single database, keeping all your compliance data in one secure place. It also provides you with a permanent record of all your compliance-related activity in case you need access to it later.


Gain real-time insights
and reports

With real-time insights and reports around safety audits and COVID-19 compliance for business, you and your executive management get the ability to make real-time, informed decisions to help improve safety in your workplace.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Employees who have contracted COVID-19 should stay at home. The COVID-19 infected employees should not return to the office until they meet the specific criteria as prescribed by the healthcare practitioner.

On part of employers, they shouldn’t force sick employees for submission of Covid-19 test results or a note from a healthcare practitioner to validate their illness for the leave. This is because, at this point, the healthcare practitioners are overwhelmed with the cases and may not be able to deliver the documentation timely.

The Covid-19 compliance office is a new position that is meant to monitor and supervise the workplace activities and ensure compliance to COVID-19 related precautions like social distancing and hygiene rules. The Covid-19 compliance officer role includes maintaining an adequate level of COVID-19 related safety precautions to minimize the spread of Covid-19. Compulsory training is required for professionals to take on the COVID-19 compliance office role, whereas, the entire management and employees have to support the Covid-19 compliance officer.


All regulated entities are required to comply with necessary environmental obligations. However, the Covid-19 Enforcement Policy Waive may take into consideration the impracticality of compliance in some instances due to the impacts of the COVID-19 health emergency.

The “Routine” in the context of Section I.B of the Temporary Policy refers to the consistent and periodic reporting (test samples, health updates, etc.) to the implementing agency. For instance, the “Routine” reporting schedule may be on a quarterly, biennial, or annual basis for compliance purposes.

For employees who fall in the HCP category and aren’t severely immunocompromised; they should stay at home for a minimum of 10 days since the first appearance of symptoms. Also, they should wait at least 24 hours since the last fever without any medication. They should also wait until other related symptoms like cough and shortness of breath are recovered before rejoining the. 

For employees who fall in the HCP category and are severely immunocompromised; they should stay at home for up to 20 days since the first appearance of symptoms. Also, they should wait at least 24 hours since the last fever without any medication. They should also wait until other related symptoms like cough and shortness of breath are recovered and consult infection control experts before rejoining the.

Covid-19 has significantly changed the workplace practices. Today, CDC recommend implementing a safety checklist at workplace along with other safety measures to keep the spread of pandemic in check. CDC also recommends strict compliance with the safety requirements across the office with vigilant monitoring and supervision to ensure safety and well-being of employees.