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How to implement a patient portal?

Posted in patient care Last Updated | April 25, 2022An Overview: After the introduction of electronic health records and electronic medical records, the use of patient portals is gaining traction in healthcare.  Portals are increasingly becoming popular among organizations and practices of all sizes.  The widespread use of patient portals can potentially increase patients’ access […]

Improving Operating Room Efficiency Best Practices using IOT devices

Posted in patient care Last Updated | November 12, 2021Overview: Improve Operating Room Performance through IOT devices? Operating rooms are the most important revenue-generating hub for healthcare organizations, with surgical care representing about a third of all healthcare spending.  However, they can also cost the hospital an arm and a leg, with unnecessary or inappropriate […]

How to Implement Patient-Centered Care Using Digital Health?

Posted in patient care Last Updated | September 13, 2021Overview: What Is Patient-Centered Care and Why Is It Important? Patient-centered care is all about integrating a patient’s preferences and values into all clinical decision-making and goal setting and treating their decisions and choices with dignity and respect. When a patient receives patient-centered care, they are […]

How Does Electronic Health Record Improve Patient Care & satisfaction?

Posted in patient care Last Updated | November 15, 2021Electronic health records have gained many footprints into the medical industry with doctors/physicians and healthcare institutions rapidly implementing the electronic health recording technology for higher efficiency and streamline workflow processes. Long gone are the times when health records would be managed on paper; which isn’t just […]