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Healthcare is one of the most dynamic industries in the world, as it undergoes constant evolution with the number of patients growing and new type of ailments surfacing. In order to minimize the cost, while being able to improve clinical care, extraction of relevant patient information from massive healthcare data generated daily is required.

With the expertise to design and build clinical decision support systems, Folio3 help practitioners to collect patient data and provide resourceful insights to make better informed decisions. Clinical decision support systems developed by Folio3 enables healthcare practitioners to maximize productivity and revenue without compromising on quality care to patients.

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Data analytics allow integration and evaluation of appropriate healthcare and operational information to provide a unified view that enables more informed decision-making. By utilizing our expertise in healthcare data analytics, health practitioners can ensure exceptional clinical performance, which in turn facilitates patient care related outcomes.

From interactive dashboards to customizable reports, a robust and data driven solution allows you to identify bottle necks and risks at all levels. KPIs like average treatment time, wait time, lead qualification rate and patient satisfaction level could only be achieved with a well-designed and thought through solution.


Healthcare data analytics allows integration and assessment of relevant healthcare and operational data to provide a unified view that enables more informed decision-making. The clinical decision support system solution, allows companies to gain market-leading healthcare insights to create viable strategy and tactics and meet quality compliance standards.

It enables you to maximize productivity and revenue without compromising on quality care to patients. Moreover, it automatically gathers comprehensive health data and offers predictive insights that can be utilized to further your research and clinical initiatives. With comprehensive healthcare data analytics, staff can easily navigate through complicated queries.

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The NEURO Plan

Comprehensive and personalized digital health solution to improve and optimize brain health and cognitive performance by evaluating patient brain health and creating daily goals for brain health improvement.

eCare Vault

Innovative individualized cloud-based platform that supports learning and care coordination by collaborating with parents, specialists, teachers and HIPAA security experts.


A well designed yet highly customizable practice management tool for aestheticians and their team.


Neuro-robotic portable arm brace developed using android companion apps that enables individuals to self-initiate and control movement of partially-paralyzed limbs using their own biological signals.


Secure, wireless alert management digital health solution that provides text and voice based wireless alert management solutions for emergency response, alarm management, mass notification and business continuity.


An iPad application was developed for training purposes that guides interviewers through the process of conducting an effective clinical trial interview.

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